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By Jim Brady |  November 22, 2005; 3:52 PM ET  | Category:  Content
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Okay, Mr. Editor, after all the dust-up, why isn't Dan Froomkin's White House Briefing on this list? If it's not a blog, why does it say "print this blog" and "e-mail this blog" on its home page?? Or, at Deborah Howell's and the print Post's bidding, have you already begun to deep-six the column, maybe changing its name to something they consider more acceptable (like, say, "Don't Read the White House Briefing?")

I hope, Mr. Brady, that you will read all the comments on Froomkin's post at post.blog and take them to heart. Then have what it takes to stand up to the criticism and don't let them meddle with the best thing you've got going on washingtonpost.com.


Posted by: abc | December 12, 2005 04:28 PM

Hmm. Still not here, I see. Question: If the Post adds a 'conservative blogger' as it has threatened to do to 'balance' Froomkin is that blog going to be listed here...? And what are the Posts rules on compensation, considering that the one 'conservative blogger' mentioned by John Harris is employed by the Republicans...?

Posted by: sst | December 14, 2005 11:01 PM

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