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New Look for Live Online

A new home for our Live Discussions launched this week. There you can find discussions with regular hosts, such as Carolyn Hax, Gene Weingarten, Michael Wilbon and Sally Squires. You can also find discussions with a number of Washington Post reporters, various authors, experts on topics ranging from parenting to health to world affairs and more. The top half of the section front now makes it possible for you to more easily find all current Live Online content: Recent discussion transcripts, Live and Upcoming discussions. If you're looking for last week's discussions with your favorite hosts, you can search for them by name in the "Find it Now" box at the top. What's happening today? Check out the "Today's Live Discussions" schedule. What about later this week or next? See the "Upcoming Discussions" box and our "Weekly Schedule." We have a brand new "Sneak Peek" box below the schedules that...

By Editors | April 27, 2006; 11:58 AM ET | Comments (161)

News Search Launch launched its new news search Wednesday night. This tool makes refining search results much easier by using the same "faceted search" structure as our City Guide. If you search on the term "George Mason," for example, you'll see a result list of links to items containing that search term in the center of your screen, with the most recently published items at the top. On the left, you'll see a variety of filters that allow you to quickly get to the results you're looking for. For example, if the initial search returns items of more than one content type (articles, photos, photo galleries, discussions, blogs, City Guide profiles, etc.), then you'll see filters for each type returned. Clicking on Discussions will return a new list containing only Discussions referencing "George Mason". Besides content type, the new search gives you the ability to filter by byline, section, date and source,...

By Jim Brady | April 6, 2006; 8:22 AM ET | Comments (781)

Washington Post Radio Website

We have launched a new website to support Washington Post Radio in cooperation with The Washington Post and Bonneville Radio. features a programming guide, schedule highlights and bios of the anchors. And you can listen to the station on your computer by using the "listen live" link. Washington Post Radio is also the home for radio coverage of the Washington Nationals. includes a full broadcast schedule of all the Nationals games. However, due to restrictions from Major League Baseball, the games will not be streamed on the internet except thru In the Washington area, you can listen to Nats games on 107.5 FM and 1500 AM. We plan to add audio excerpts of key programs and interviews to the website in the next few weeks. Questions about the website should be directed to Chet Rhodes Deputy Multimedia Editor, Breaking News...

By Chet Rhodes | April 3, 2006; 12:45 PM ET | Comments (24)


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