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Chet Rhodes
Deputy Multimedia Editor, Breaking News

By Chet Rhodes |  April 3, 2006; 12:45 PM ET  | Category:  Content
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Don't you mean 107.7 FM?

Posted by: EMB | April 3, 2006 02:28 PM

In the Ombudsman column of 4/2/06, Ms. Howell seems to suggest that she, as Ombudsman, will listen to complaints about the website and now the radio station.

Let's hold her to that, please.

I am concerned, however, about her reference to the Post as a "Brand." I thought Ombudsmen were supposed to be impartial observers, not marketing managers?


"I accept -- and everyone at the radio station, the Web site and the paper should as well -- that readers and listeners look on The Post's print and Web content and radio programming as the same, even though they're overseen by different people...

Though the media and the management may be different, and though the Web site and radio may operate at a faster pace and a more informal tone than the newspaper, the Post brand is important and needs to be protected by all who work for it."

Posted by: John. | April 3, 2006 03:04 PM

Why hasn't Kurtz apologized to Jill Carol for his despicable comments about her video made while captive?

And now he insists that she should do another video because Kurtz and his fellow simple-brained right-wing wackos still have their panties in a bunch, and only seeing her on video will do...

Smears, intimidation, and demands for loyalty videos...

Kurtz and his band of biggotted right-wing bloggers don't come off much better than the kidnappers.

Who are these people? What a sad excuse for a human being.

Posted by: mz | April 3, 2006 03:45 PM

Could someone please tell me exactly how much Ken Mehlman pays Fred Hiatt for the GOP tripe he passes off as op-eds??

Posted by: vienna local | April 3, 2006 07:01 PM

Does anyone have a guess how long this radio scam by the WaPo will last? Brady still there? Pity.

Posted by: | April 3, 2006 07:31 PM

I can only guess that WaPo radio will reach out to right wing talk radio so that it can be as 'fair and balanced' as is the WaPo rag or WaPo blahg. How dare anyone criticize the great, great Howie Kurtz? You can rest assured that if it had been Howie that had been held captive in Iraq for months and then been released, he would have defiantly stood up during the interview and shouted from the top of his lungs "I WILL NOT BE SILENCED! THESE PEOPLE ARE MURDERERS AND I REPUDIATE THEM". He wouldn't have cared about not being totally out of the woods yet, he would have made the statement knowing full well it might lead to his horrible death. Howie Kurtz is a man of incredible courage and conviction, you know, like Ben Domenech another one of our great heroes fighting the war on terror on the home front.

Posted by: Duck of Death | April 3, 2006 08:26 PM

Is anyone reading this? Is there not even a single journalist with a backbone left at The Post? Not a one? Why aren't you in open revolt against Kurtz and this horrible cadre of people who have taken over this joint?

Put yourselves in Jill Carroll's shoes. There but for the grace of God you go. She had to make a propaganda video at the headquarters of the Islamist Party. Instead of pointing out this fact and praising her poise and her guts, Kurtz questioned her loyalty and her sanity.

And now, instead of apologizing, Kurtz says that written words don't count (how do you like that one, Post reporters?) Instead of recovering quietly from the trauma with her family, Kurtz insists that Carroll needs to put up a public show of loyalty and insists that she should be doing a counter-propaganda video. Maybe he also wants to write the cue cards for Jill Carroll to read? Kurtz's worldview seems to have more in common with that of the kidnappers than with that of decent people.

Again, put yourselves in her shoes. Kurtz never will -- as a 'media reporter' he'll never leave the safety of his desk, and his moral compass is completely debased anyway. If you can't find sympathy for your colleague and if, after what she's been through in the service of your profession, you cannot find the courage to raise your voice in outrage against Kurtz, God have mercy on your soul.

Posted by: mike | April 3, 2006 09:32 PM

Does anyone at the Post read or respond to comments on this blog? If the Post chooses not to read or respond to comments, what's the point of having them?

Posted by: Hello?! | April 3, 2006 11:12 PM

Respond...to the rabble? You must be dreaming. What, did you think this was a real forum? Silly reader.

Posted by: mikey | April 4, 2006 07:57 AM

Washington Post Radio is a great idea! I hope you'll consider giving Deborah Howell a slot where she can discuss current events and take calls from listeners.

Posted by: Philip | April 4, 2006 02:34 PM

I like the idea of Howell having a slot where she takes calls from listeners.

But judging from how they've handled reader feedback in general and these blogs in particular over the past few months, she'd probably talk for 20 minutes and then walk out of the studio -- and for the rest of the hour just have the producer air some 50 different calls from listeners without any reply or comment.

Posted by: mz | April 4, 2006 04:31 PM

The Washington Post used to have a reputation that it merited. Now it seems to many that you're cow-towing to hardened ideologues who claim you're not fair unless you completet agree with everything they believe. Next thing you know, you'll be hiring plagiarists to placate them.
Oh, you already did that.

Did you really need a lecture from us blogger schmucks? Apparently so.

You have the coverage in your paper. You have excellent journalists who write some great stories. All you need is the editorial backbone to keep that front and center and not get distracted.

You wan't to hire a blogger? Try this guy.


Posted by: Rick Mercer | April 5, 2006 09:32 AM

We're open to all discussions. But any meeting will have to be on the basis of withdrawing the First Job Contract. There have been five one-day public sector strikes in which millions of workers and students took part. An employers group has warned the protests are starting to hurt the economy. No Pasaran!

Posted by: Linsday Fox | April 5, 2006 10:08 AM

How is this blog thingy workin out for ya now WaPo?

Posted by: | April 5, 2006 11:38 AM

"Does anyone at the Post read or respond to comments on this blog? If the Post chooses not to read or respond to comments, what's the point of having them?"

It's called blogginess. Similar to truthiness. Avoiding readers who call them on their glaring errors of fact or editorial judgement the same way the wingnuts avoid the inconvenient facts that undermine every argument they make.

Posted by: AJ | April 5, 2006 04:52 PM

Why bother with this blog? Clearly, Brady hates the readers. The readers feel contempt for Brady. There is no effort to respond to any of the comments. Even the rare few that are positive are ignored by management.

At this point, reading the blog reminds me of watching news coverage of the Katrina (non-)response. You keep checking in to see if there is any sign of improvement. There is only the periodic sham update. (wapo.com is being praised for its technological leadership! Brownie is bringing all federal resources to bear! A new radio website! We dodged a bullet!)

Posted by: space | April 5, 2006 06:48 PM

Man, this is SO COOL! A multi-million dollar web site, hosting a blog that is probably read by thousands of people each day, and nobody's minding the shop! Damn!

So, theres a priest, a rabbi, and an Imam...

Badda Bing, Badda Boom!

Posted by: smafdy | April 5, 2006 10:41 PM

It's the Pickles the Cat Show!

Posted by: Hey Kids! | April 6, 2006 10:23 AM

Badda Bing, Badda Boom!

Posted by: | April 9, 2006 06:35 PM

PPOSTFU. Loozers.

Posted by: K. Ron Silkwood | April 22, 2006 01:03 AM

5 May, 2006


Attached please find a letter and various email exchanges between Minneapolis based author Richard Hettler and US Attorney General John Ashcroft's office. General Ashcroft, since leaving office as this nation's chief cop, founded The Ashcroft Group, LLC, a Washington, DC based lobbying firm. Ashcroft's firm is headquartered in the District of Columbia at 1399 New York Ave NW. Its telephone number is 202 942-0202.

Richard Hettler, in April of 2006, contacted General Ashcroft because of an article written by Ashcroft on judicial corruption in our national bankruptcy courts. Mr. Ashcroft, in his two page article, reported comments of his to the Second Global Forum on Fighting Corruption. Said article is attached hereto for the information of the reader.

Hettler is one of tens of thousands of victims of the US bankruptcy courts. Hettler has been trying to get his money and property returned to him now for 12 years but thus far has been unsuccessful because of judicial corruption commented upon by General Ashcroft in his article. Asking corrupt judges to act honorably and do what they have been entrusted to do consistent with their oath to uphold this country's constitution, is simply not in the cards. After Hettler reported the embezzlement of his life estate to General Ashcroft first in 2000, Ashcroft "fired" Minnesota US Trustee Barbara Stuart because of her described criminal behavior in conjunction with criminal judges who were subsequently identified as criminal by the Minneapolis FBI. Hettler, because of such corruption, has never been allowed to have his property and money returned to him after three (3) criminal bankruptcy judges banded together to take and liquidate Hettler's property because a bankruptcy debtor had fraudulently declared Hettler's property as her own on her bankruptcy schedules. Said criminal judges even filed or refused to return such property after the bankruptcy debtor confessed to what she and her cronies had done. One of her cronies was Minneapolis-headquartered Thomas Petters who put the bankruptcy debtor [his business associate] up to claiming Hettler's promissory Notes made by Petters on her bankruptcy schedules. All of this including the uncontested evidence was taken to the FBI, where after the FBI told Hettler and US Senator Mark Dayton in December of 2001 that there were many corrupt judges in the Minnesota district as there were criminal US trustee personnel as well. When the FBI made these comments, Hettler asked Minneapolis FBI Special Agent Dan Miller why, if they knew all of this, why they simply would not lock these judges up as well as the criminals who petitioned for relief in their courts. Miller told Hettler and Dayton that it wasn't easy to lock up a judge and that was that. Hettler had described in great detail how bankruptcy thugs had worked with corrupt judges to take millions of dollars from he and his deceased brother reporting also that this was not simply an isolated instance of how these thugs were destroying eh lives of innocent individuals who had never been brought under the jurisdiction of the offending courts. Not only had Hettler's property been admittedly and unlawfully claimed and liquidated, and his only involvement with Petters business associate Ruth Kahn was as her creditor. She, like Petters, had a long-term pattern of borrowing money from people and never rapaying them. Hettler related to the FBI that others known to him had advised that colleagues of theirs had been murdered by such bankruptcy thugs for challenging the actions of such corrupt judges. In one instance, they murdered a lawyer who was on his way to meet with Department of Justice officials to supply testimony on bankruptcy fraud in the San Francisco area. Ashcroft's article didn't therefore simply touch Hettler and his case- it touched numerous other venues where bankruptcy judges were left free to destroy the lives of innocent people and embezzle their property at will.

It is this perpetual tolerance for such criminal acts on the part of bankruptcy judges which has taken and continues to take millions of dollars from Hettler, Fingerhut, Stay healthy, and now most recently Polaroid Holding Company. Numerous reports on this and other swindles have been reported to the Justice Department, first on Ashcroft's watch, and now more recently the Gonzales Administration. The agencies' failure or refusal to act has left an indelible life scar on Hettler and the tens of thousands of senior citizen victims all over the world. This is why Congressmen Delahunt and Meehan initially took the lead in asking Polaroid to police its own actions by honoring the Polaroid pensions which of course Polaroid officials simply trashed because of failed follow-through by the Massachusetts delegation.

The vast majority of this travesty surfaced in 2001 after two US Senators [Paul Wellstone and thereafter Mark Dayton worked with Hettler to arrange a meeting with the Minneapolis FBI in December of 2001 which led to the FBI's assertion to Hettler and Dayton that it was well known that there are many corrupt judges and US Trustee personnel in the Minnesota District. After Hettler brought this to the attention of Ashcroft, Ashcroft "fired" Minnesota US Trustee Barbara Stuart but failed to follow-through by prosecuting Stuart as well as the band of thugs with whom she worked to pull of this massive swindle.

Because Ashcroft did nothing other than "fire" a criminal US Trustee, this left the Minnesota principal bankruptcy thug Thomas Petters free to embezzle millions from Hettler and free to continue his reign of terror by first purchasing Fingerhut with money and property embezzled from Hettler, to loan hundreds of millions of dollars in cash embezzled from Hettler to Stay healthy at 45% annual interest rates, to purchased lavish corporate toys including Petters own Boeing 727 aircraft also with swindled cash, and more recently to purchase Polaroid for $426 million, also in swindled cash.

Hettler was hopeful that General Ashcroft would recognize the damage he did by failing to act remedially on his noted corruption among his bankruptcy judges, which is why Hettler asked Ashcroft to meet with him and to further assist by recommending certain individuals or agencies who are equipped to handle the aftermath of such unprosecuted corruption.

Instead, Ashcroft told Hettler in a 5 May email [attached] that he is unable to assist in any respect and is not able to meet to further discuss matters.

Had Ashcroft followed through after he "fired" Minnesota US Trustee Barbara Stuart, all of the damage which thereafter followed by allowing the bankruptcy thugs to continue swindling people including Hettler and the tens of thousands of ex-employees of Polaroid would never have evolved. N stead, we were all left impoverished as reported by Time Magazine in its 10-31-05 article entitled "The Great Retirement Rip-off", in various issues of CFO Magazine, and in the various and numerous articles written about in the Boston Globe.

Hettler has given up on the courts because they are corrupt as Ashcroft has duly noted and now will move ahead with prosecuting those civilly who have so egregiously and brazenly took millions of dollars in property from he and his deceased brother. This grand larceny committed by Petters and others with whom Petters corroborated to embezzle property from Hettler and the tens of thousands in the Massachusetts District can only be acted upon by criminal prosecutors who thus far have chosen to look the other way and this now includes this nations; past chief cop, John Ashcroft. Hettler's case has been referred ad nauseam by and to just about every criminal investigatory agency in this country, but ahs remained uninvestigated and prosecuted because investigating and prosecuting those who have been allowed to pull of these multiple swindles would indict the many corrupt judges who are apparently insulated from attack and above the law notwithstanding the recent comments by newly appointed Justice Alito to the US Supreme Court. So what are we left with- we are left with a nation of corporate criminals who prey on senior citizens to take their money and property and when such senior citizen lenders complain of defaulted payments by Petters, Petters and his army of lawyers march into court o prosecute such senior citizens for asking for redress. This actually happened to Hettler after he suffered a massive hemorrhagic stroke over this 12 year protracted matter. This is the end of civility which is precisely what the Ashcroft legacy has left us with.

The absolute worst criminal in this world is a corrupt judge- it's not Osama Bin Laden or a Ken Lay, it's an individual who is far worse than the worst vermin on earth. Corrupt judges are not thrown off the court or sent to jail, they are allowed to pontificate in perpetuity over their victims under a false cloak of propriety, while basking in the luxury of money which they took from their victims at the stroke of a pen, all under the eye of the FBI who opposes any action being sought to prosecute such criminal judges.

In these days of argued government corruption, people rarely talk about criminal judges as Ashcroft did, and when it happens, people have a tendency to simply "roll their eyes" in disbelief, but what makes Hettler's case different as the case with Polaroid, is that Hettler has supplied competent and uncontested evidence of such crimes, yet none of this has any influence on those who are supposed to protect us against corruption, now including General Ashcroft.

In Hettler's letter to Ashcroft, Hettler, anticipating that Ashcroft would refuse to act on his words, Hettler simply asked for a recommendation from Ashcroft on whom to take the matter but even that was refused by Ashcroft. Hettler wonders: is Ashcroft any better than those who he has adjudged corrupt? This will hopefully be sorted out by the many victims of Polaroid in Massachusetts who hopefully achieve redress from a national outcry for law and order.

Because Hettler's evidence is so compelling, Hettler recently went to Washington to meet with the entire Massachusetts delegation which earlier in 2002 and 2003 spearheaded an effort to "urge" Polaroid to honor its pension obligations to its many employees. This writing to Polaroid's General Counsel was signed by Senator Kerry, Senator Kennedy, and the remaining ten (10) congressional members of the Massachusetts delegation. While in Washington, not one of these people would give Hettler the time of day but did say that they were aware of it- Congressman Markey told Hettler that "he was sorry". Hettler told Markey that he didn't come to Washington for an apology- he came to Washington to get his money and property returned and that apologies were a far cry from what was expected of him by those who had been so egregiously harmed by the fabricated bankruptcy of Polaroid and its later purchase by the Petters organization for $426 million in swindled cash. Congressional apologies unfortunately do not buy groceries nor do they pay the rent.

Hettler went to Washington to get his money back offering to appear before both the House and Senate Judiciary Committees and further offering to lead a civil class action in behalf of himself and the tens of thousands of Polaroid who were left penniless because of corruption in our courts which General Ashcroft so accurately described. He made these offers because the courts are corrupt. Because so many of those who have been ripped off by the Petters assault upon Hettler and the tens of thousands crippled by him in Massachusetts, Hettler asked Governor Romney to assist and commission his Attorney General and US Attorney to examine the matter and to restore money essentially embezzled by Petters and others with who he orchestrated what Time Magazine has characterized as the Great Retirement Rip-off. Hopefully, the Governor will commission those within his state to investigate and prosecute those who General Ashcroft now chooses to aid and harbor.

Government corruption is a runaway train and will destroy the very fiber of our democracy if nothing is done about it. About the only thing that we can do is demand the necessary changes in Washington that will restore law and order to a country which now appears to be both morally and intellectually bankrupt.

Richard Hettler can be reached at msp3430@hotmail.com

Posted by: Polaroid-another ENRON | May 15, 2006 01:50 PM

The Rules of Engagement for military forces in combat situations need to address any new, REAL or highly probable threats faced on a daily basis by our men & women either in or exposed to combat situations.

With all due respect to the expectation that the United States Armed Forces are expected to maintain some of the highest standards of any CIVILIZED nation, the abduction, horrendous torture and execution [details omitted here] of two PFCs that could have offered ANY adversary ZERO intelligence value, needs an IMMEDIATE & HIGHLY VISIBLE RESPONSE from the HIGHEST echelons of authority. If nothing else, it should at least encompass reassuring our forces in country that they HAVE the IMMEDIATE AUTHORITY to HENCE FORTH PREEMPT any POTENTIALLY highly injurious or lethal threat.


Posted by: brucerealtor@verizon.net | June 21, 2006 07:42 PM

Ann Coulter's extreme views in her new book Godless do not especially bother me. What bothers me is that the book is being sold as Non Fiction instead as a sick novel.

Hitler, Stalin & Mao also had extreme views that were not well liked except by their dedicated followers.

When the statements 'let them rave that the world may know them mad' and 'those that the God's would destroy, they first drive Mad" were made, PUBLICATION of ravings was of necessity 'somewhat' limited.

Today, while publication capabilities are far greater, for anything & everything that is the least bit popular, more researched information about the origins of humanity and the cross-functioning of religious traditions & teachings is also available, from Zacharia Sitchin's collection entitled "The Earth Chronicles' to Karen Armstrong's new book entitled The Great Transformation, which shows the common origins of the World's Great Faiths and how they develop into individual traditions about 600-700 BCE.

If Ann Coulter wishes to tell us today anything about God, or being Godless, she might start with a LITTLE MORE BACKGROUND, or perhaps she has merely been struck by Gnostic enlightenment and if that is the case, her followers are in deep do-do.

Posted by: brucerealtor@verizon.net | August 1, 2006 04:16 PM

what ever happened to the squeeky clean morals, of all law makers, on capital hill and the supreme court, you can not have don't ask ,don't tell, men or woman, that are put in a buffet line, to serve them selves, or sexual haresment. they all should be given the boot.none of them should have been confirmed in the first place .william perkins

Posted by: william perkins | October 4, 2006 10:01 AM

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