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A New Legal Blog Launches

We've launched "Bench Conference," a new blog where Andrew Cohen will offer his perspective on legal issues and the latest news from the courts. A self-described "recovering attorney," Cohen earned both a bachelor's degree in journalism and a law degree from Boston University. He covers the law for CBS News. Cohen expects to post to Bench Conference three or four times each weekday, respond to comments and keep users in the loop on everything from celebrity trials to the Supreme Court. "This should be a dialogue of sorts, me and you, with the idea being that we can both learn a little from one another," Cohen writes in his first post. "Think of me as your own personal legal analyst -- but no emails about fixing your latest parking ticket." Hal Straus Opinions Editor...

By Hal Straus | May 10, 2006; 11:21 AM ET | Comments (119)


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