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Changes to City Guide

We've just launched the first in a series of updates to City Guide, our interactive entertainment guide, that are designed to improve the site's look and feel and overall usability. Some changes to note: • A new City Guide main page with quick browse links, popular profiles, and suggested searches • Search functionality that is easier to use • "Browse" pages for nine top categories including Restaurants, Movies and Events that organize the listings and showcase original content • Enhanced search results pages • Improved functionality for movie searches These enhancements will help you navigate City Guide so you can quickly find the best restaurant, movie and entertainment listings in the metro area. Keep an eye out for more changes in the coming months. Nancy Kerr, Features Editor...

By Nancy Kerr | July 28, 2006; 6:21 PM ET | Comments (21)

OFF/beat Launches

We've launched "OFF/beat," a blog about weird news by Emil Steiner, who plans to scour the site and Internet each day for jaw dropping, barely believable stories that also happen to be true Steiner -- whose interest in the strange-but-true began in college -- started his writing career as an investigative reporter in Prague, covering the fleecing of tourists by taxis and hotels. He has written for 34th Street, Novy Prostor, Vulgo, and The Washington Post. His first novel, Drunk Driving, was published in 2005, and he joined as a producer earlier this year. Steiner encourages readers to let him know if they see a bear riding a bike or meet a dog with a particularly high credit score. "Funny news is everyone's guilty pleasure," he says. "And so the goal of "OFF/beat" is to create a shared repository for anyone who wants a quick laugh at work or...

By Hal Straus | July 20, 2006; 8:06 AM ET | Comments (10)


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