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Post Launches Updated Wireless Homepage

This week The Washington Post and re-launched our Wireless Application Protocol, or WAP, web site for readers who surf the web using mobile devices. Redesigned to include more content and increase ease of use and navigation, the site can be accessed from anywhere you have coverage by pointing your wireless browser to and bookmarking the page. (You can also view the site via regular web browser using that same address.) The new site includes a full selection of up-to-date articles and commentary from Post writers, arranged into the following topics: Politics, Nation, World, Opinions, Metro, Sports, Business & Technology, Style and Entertainment. Our other free wireless services continue to be available. City Guide information to go: Users of our online City Guide, an exhaustive listing of information about area restaurants, nightclubs, attractions and events can have location and other data about many of these entries sent directly to...

By Jim Brady | September 19, 2006; 11:50 AM ET | Comments (83)


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