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Multimedia Journalists Take Readers Behind the Lens

For nearly a decade, our team of videojournalists and multimedia editors have been creating and experimenting with visual journalism. Today, we want to invite you to not only view the work they have done but also to join us in a conversation about that work specifically and Web-based visual journalism in general in our newest blog, Behind the Lens. We'll start with a simple premise: We will share some of the pieces we have worked on, along with some insight into the news gathering and editing process. We'll also respond to feedback we've received or heard about, as in the case of Bill Cosby's remarks about the video "What Does It Mean to Be a Black Man?" We encourage you to tell us what you think of the pieces we include as well as other visual journalism on our site and elsewhere on the Web. So welcome, we're looking forward...

By Ju-Don Roberts | December 15, 2006; 10:36 AM ET | Comments (12)


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