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Travel Section Launches New Blog

Travel writers are a naturally restless bunch. Sitting behind a desk as a nine-to-fiver runs counter to their Marco Polo instincts of discovery. So it's no wonder that the Post's Travel staff jumped at the chance to explore new territory, this time globetrotting on the Web. Travel Log, our newest blog, shoved off Wednesday, Jan. 17 and informs readers on everything from the latest industry news and breaking deals to stories from their trips to Parts Unknown, lending advice and tips along the way. The staff posts three to five times a day, Monday through Friday, so before booking that next vacation or business trip, visit Travel Log. Happy trails, Christian Pelusi Travel Producer...

By Nancy Kerr | January 26, 2007; 6:46 PM ET | Comments (3)

Redesigned Politics Section With New Features launches a redesigned Politics section, with new blogs by highly regarded political commentators, more high-quality video and interactive features, an increased presence of breaking news and scoops, and databases on candidates, campaigns and records. "As a top destination for political news, we are always looking for ways to make the best online resource for political news and analysis even better," said Jim Brady, executive editor of "With the 2008 race for the White House already underway, it is imperative we are ready to support the information needs of our readers, from the casual follower to the most devoted political junkies." Everyone, from passive observers to passionate political operatives, will be able to look to the Politics section for the latest news around the clock. According to Brady, " will be the place where news breaks, with more exclusive scoops from The Washington Post newsroom." Those hard news scoops...

By Ju-Don Roberts | January 24, 2007; 8:00 AM ET | Comments (9)


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