Editorial Roundup Launches

Don't want to be blindsided by an editorial in the New York Times? Interested in who George Will is taking aim at today? If you are -- but don't have time to read the opinion pages of the nation's biggest newspapers -- then The Editorialist is for you.

The new blog by Rob Anderson in washingtonpost.com's Opinions area will summarize editorials and columns from leading newspapers each weekday by 7 a.m., then follow up with weekly or occasional roundups of commentary in other types of publications, from opinion magazines to the college press.

"I'll be reading each weekday's op-ed pages so you don't have to," says Anderson, who grew up in Detroit, attended Georgetown University and, most recently, helped edit and produce The New Republic's Internet site.

Anderson promises a "CliffsNotes version of who's saying what," and will also produce a weekdaily e-mail of The Editorialist, which will debut next month. (Click here to sign up.)

Please give The Editorialist a read, and feel free to e-mail Rob with your comments and suggestions.

-- Hal Straus, Opinions and Community Editor

By Hal Straus |  February 15, 2007; 7:07 AM ET  | Category:  Journalism
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This is great! The paper whose ombudsman still refuses to explain why the Post's own coverage of Abramoff contributions was so skewed to the right now wants to cherry pick national editorial opinion for me? I don't think so guys. That's one internets tubes I won't be taking. And on purely technical grounds, this is the same paper that has messed up the links to Luckovich and Bok editorial cartoons for weeks. Maybe you should give Don Young a call and straighten that out first.

Posted by: Argonaut | February 19, 2007 10:55 AM

Required assignment: read the "Washington Post"'s self-servient editorial today about how we need to look back at the Iraq debacle. If I wanted to dim my visage by cramming it up the nearest neoconservative fundament, this would be the place to do it (assuming that the monstrous Fwill, Krauthammer or Novak were unavailable).

Unfortunately, I prefer reality. We don't need to "look back"--we need to go forward and punish with impunity and severity the truly evil scum who have made the United States the laughingstock of the planet. Impeach, rinse, repeat.

If the Post's "ombudsman" and "editorial staff" can look at themselves in the mirror without vomiting, there is a substantial problem with the soi-disant major daily newspaper (read, not owned by the Moonies nor ostensibly controlled by Tom DeLay) in the capital of what used to be the dominant country on the globe we live on.

Truly, your descent into journalistic hell is faster than any Metro escalator could hope to be. If I thought any of you had the slightest amount of journalistic integrity, I would try to appeal to it. Bonne chance, as our former allies the French would say.

Posted by: Lamb Cannon | March 18, 2007 07:24 PM

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