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Three New Discussion Groups Launch

We've launched three new discussion groups - Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood, E.J.'s Precinct and Admissions 101. Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood, moderated by Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson, will focus on the intersection of race, culture and politics. "Our conversations will grow out of the news, and we'll have several in progress at any given time. One might be about some twist or turn in the presidential campaign, one might be about the Meaning of Hillary or the Meaning of Obama ...and one about the justice or injustice of American Idol," Robinson explains. E.J. Dionne Jr., a columnist for The Post, and Alex Remington, an editorial assistant at The Post, will lead a discussion of partisan politics, economic inequality and faith issues in E.J.'s Precinct. The Precinct is "a place where you chat about any kind of politics that interests you, argue about policy, talk back to the media and converse with people...

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PostGlobal Launches "How the World Sees America"

Starting today, PostGlobal's Amar C. Bakshi will explore what people around the world really think about America. With a laptop and video camera, he'll report from the stands of Manchester United's stadium to a Pakistan Army training ground to a Bollywood sound stage, and post what he finds in "How the World Sees America"

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Discussion Groups Launch

We've launched two discussion groups -- The Carpool and Trendspotter & Co. We hope the first will help Washington area commuters get from point A to point B safely, and as quickly as possible. We look for the second to offer fashion advice and useful shopping tips to those in need of either. Washington Post Assistant Virginia Editor Steven Ginsberg will moderate The Carpool by offering quick takes on commuter issues and posing questions for group participants three to five times a week. Suzanne D'Amato, The Post's Sunday Source fashion editor, will host Trendspotter and Co. Both expect readers to do most of the heavy lifting by contributing ideas and advice to the group discussion threads. "We know what you're going through," says Ginsberg. "Together, maybe, just maybe, we'll make some sense out of commuting in modern day Washington." D'Amato encourages readers to debate what will be in fashion...

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