PostGlobal Launches "How the World Sees America"

Starting today, PostGlobal's Amar C. Bakshi will explore what people around the world really think about America. With a laptop and video camera, he'll report from the stands of Manchester United's stadium to a Pakistan Army training ground to a Bollywood sound stage, and post what he finds in "How the World Sees America"

Readers are invited to comment on Bakshi's blog entries and video clips, and help guide him to new destinations and communities as the project unfolds.

His first set of posts will focus on how America is viewed in the United Kingdom. Bakshi arrived in Manchester, Britain's third largest urban area, on Monday, May 14, to talk to the city's students, working class residents and members of its sizeable Muslim population. He will then move on to Oxford, Lancaster and London. The next stop after the UK will be Pakistan, which Bakshi's mother's family left in 1947. After three weeks there, he'll travel to India, where his parents lived until 1979, to complete the first installment of "How the World Sees America."

Bakshi joined nearly one year ago as the first editor and producer of PostGlobal, a forum for collaborative journalism hosted by Washington Post columnist David Ignatius and Newsweek International editor Fareed Zakaria. Working with PostGlobal's panel of top journalists around the world, he became increasingly curious about the views of the average citizens in their countries -- those who see the world primarily through the lens of their television screens and their local communities.

Theirs are the stories Bakshi now sets out to tell.

By Natalie Ahn |  May 16, 2007; 9:34 AM ET  | Category:  Content
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