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Just wanted to take a minute to let you know about the new social networking features we recently launched on

The new suite of features includes personalized pages for each registered user, new discussion groups and improved comments software.

The personalized MyPost pages, at this point, allow for readers to upload an image, publish biographical information, track discussion groups they're a part of and keep a friend list. It will also aggregate all comments a reader leaves on articles. The goal is to keep adding personalization options to these pages so that readers can set up de facto home pages for themselves if they choose. Additionally, these pages can serve as a starting point for direct interaction among readers. For example, here's my page.

Another cool feature of MyPost are discussion groups, where readers can join a community of interest around a certain topic. So far, we've rolled out a number of groups, including:

-- E.J.'s Precinct, a politics group hosted by Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne.
-- Right Matters, by the National Review's Ramesh Ponnuru.
-- Trend Spotter & Co., by The Post's Suzanne D'Amato.
-- The Secularist's Corner, conversation on religion, politics and liberty, with Susan Jacoby.
-- Admissions 101, by Post education reporter Jay Mathews.
-- Rights Watchers, a discussion on human rights crises around the world with Ken Roth and Reed Brody.
-- Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood, a group on race, culture and politics, by Washington Post columnist Gene Robinson.
-- The Carpool, a local commuting group by The Post's Steve Ginsberg.
-- Voting Blocs, a group on interest-group politics, co-hosted by's Chris Cillizza and Jason Manning.
-- Jobs Talk, a discussion on job hunting, careers and the workplace.

There are more groups coming soon, and we hope these will give our readers a wide range of topics to discuss on

This rollout also features some improvements in our comments functionality. As mentioned earlier, all comments made by readers will now appear on their MyPost pages. Also, readers can now recommend a comment, which will allow us over time to find and promote the best user comments. We soon plan to offer filtering options so that readers can scan only the most recommended comments on an article.

These features continue the expansion on what we believe to be a core element of web journalism: the dialogue between reader and journalist, and between reader and reader. We hope you enjoy what we've launched to this point, and there will soon be more to come.

Jim Brady
Executive Editor,

By Jim Brady |  August 22, 2007; 12:07 PM ET
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Posted by: datindvvk | August 24, 2007 06:47 AM

A FAQ page to describe how to (for instance) down load a picture to ones home page, or how to quickly navigate there directly might help.

A more convenient way to proof read and edit a proposed post wouldn't hurt.

and italics, bold face, and other emphasis would let us stop with the excess cap lock posts.

And sometimes Impeach the bastards is exactly the right phrase. Especially when the bastards mentioned seem to think they are actually nobility. (Remember John Randolph's quote, "The English Nobleman has only one son, all the rest are bastards."

Posted by: ceflynline | August 26, 2007 09:03 PM

And your Spell Checker needs a better dictionary. al Mansur, Tiglath-Pilesser, and all those other bloody Mesopotamians aren't in there, along with too many other real words I try to use.

Posted by: ceflynline | August 26, 2007 09:08 PM

Well let me start by saying I am no fan of George W Bush and I think he should be impeached him for gross stupidity but I fail to see why people refer to Iraq as his war.
His war was with Saddam Husein and was over a long time ago. The war we are involved in now is Al Qaeda's war and has nothing to do with the Idiot except for the fact that he created a home for them in Iraq and now we are left with two choices thanks to that blithering Idiot.
Our choices are to give our troops what they need to get the job done (which they are capable of doing) or we can leave and then have to fight there actions here in this country for many years to come. They would have quit long ago if it were not for the sick winey babies crying for a pull out and convincing them that all they have to do is hang on and we will leave because that is what we did in Vietnam.
For some sick reason people think that by pulling out the are defeating george bush.
They are wrong. they are defeating the American people. George W Bush is not that Important. That idiot is the least of our worries. We will have to deal with the repercussions of his egotistical actions long after he is gone and we can not afford the repercussions of letting Al Qaeda win in Iraq.
It is time for the American people to stop thinking small (as in George W Bush) and start thinking big ( As in America )

Posted by: Ron | September 9, 2007 10:31 AM

Monday night...Redskins vs. Eagles...brief picture and update on home page. 12:48 am? Nothing.

I continue to maintain that the big redesign of several months ago was to hide a slower pace of site updating. What explains the absence of the Redskins on the home page less than an hour after a victory?

Posted by: | September 18, 2007 12:50 AM

Oh, and I guess I need to throw in the obligatory bash of the Bush administration which is de rigeur on any Post post.

Posted by: | September 18, 2007 12:51 AM

Have you not been covering the Madeliene Macann case?
In Britain there is a media frenzy about her parents guilt or innocence.
I said on my blog that the worlds media should leave them alone until facts are proven in court.
I guess you have left them alone by simply not been interested in us unless us effects the US.
Sue Law


Posted by: Sue Law | September 18, 2007 03:22 AM

US and them

Posted by: Claim | September 18, 2007 03:26 AM

He learned about justice or rather injustice early in his life. Cesar grew up in Arizona; the small adobe home, where Cesar was born was swindled from them by dishonest Anglos. Cesar's father agreed to clear eighty acres of land and in exchange he would receive the deed to forty acres of land that adjoined the home. The agreement was broken and the land sold to a man named Justus Jackson. Cesar's dad went to a lawyer who advised him to borrow money and buy the land. Later when Cesar's father could not pay the interest on the loan the lawyer bought back the land and sold it to the original owner. Cesar learned a lesson about injustice that he would never forget. Later, he would say, The love for justice that is in us is not only the best part of our being but it is also the most true to our nature.

Posted by: Cesar Chavezz | October 3, 2007 09:48 AM

Did anyone else find today's crossword bone-crushing?

I have to admire the creator, Bob Klahn of Crossynergy Syndicate, but I hope he doesn't employ his sinister skills more than once a week. It's like having a chatty neighbor muscle into one's daily schedule. Aargh. I even had to make judicious use of Google to complete it, and I can't start my day properly until it's done.

Let's just say I didn't start my day properly.

Posted by: Hollis Bizarre | October 4, 2007 05:08 PM

French people are crazy

Posted by: Chirac | October 15, 2007 06:11 PM

Close to Home Sunday, Oct. 28th What's scarier Than halloween? DC Parks.....Wrong, we now spend over 5 billion on if you are upset about walking in the park...make a note and contact your Councilmember...Find a home, job, health care for the homeless person and then let your councilmember know about the "vagabond." The National Park Service also needs to know about your need to "scuttle the thought" of walking through Lafayette is a wonderful park, and a great place to learn about this city! Just do it, Mr. Cheplick of DC.

Posted by: Judith Claire | October 28, 2007 09:52 PM

I like it! Thanks, it's going to be a good resource, the thinking man's myspace.

Posted by: wttmuseum | October 29, 2007 10:33 PM

Have Gun, Will Rule
Musharraf is bent upon ruling Pakistan because he has a gun in his hand and Bush & Chenye are backing him. The people of Pakistan be damned.

One the one hand US Administration tries to justify Iraqi occupation by saying it is bringing democracy to Iraq and on the other, it supports a military dictator who decimates democratic institutions, independent judiciary and rule of law.

The Pakistan Supreme Court was about to rule whether Musharraf could be a candidate for President for another term. According to the constitution Government employees are not allowed to contest elections within two years of retiring and Musharraf has not even retired yet. It was a forgone conclusion that Supreme Court will find Musharraf ineligible. Instead of stepping down quietly and handing over power to Senate Chairman, Musharraf has resorted to extreme and ultra constitutional steps.

How many people in the U.S. would stand for it if George Bush did this to the U.S. Supreme Court and its judges? No civilised society should stand for subversion of the highest courts, shredding of constitution and detention of judges, lawyers and politicians.

People of Pakistan have always complained that various U.S. Administrations develop friendships with their rulers & dictators and not with people of Pakistan. This has led to resentment and strong anti-American sentiment in the country. It is time that the ordinary citizens of United States impress upon their Administration to stand up against the rule of gun and express solidarity with people of Pakistan as they need and support to defeat a dictator.

Musharraf is not the only person in Pakistan who can help fight terror. The people of Pakistan are fed up with extremists and want to ensure that terrorism is brought to an end. This is better achieved through democratically elected leaders rather than through a military dictator.

The only way Musharraf will listen is if US Administartion insists that he immediately restore constitution, allow the Supreme Court to function with all its judges as before, withdraw emergency rule and release all lawyers, judges, politicians and other citizens.

Posted by: blameislam | November 8, 2007 04:06 PM

The Editor, Sir...

I note with disappointment that you have no 'creatives' board to cater for the poets and other writers who have something to say about the world and its woes and, all too often, a particular and unique way of saying it.

It has been my experience that these boards(groups) enrich a publication with contributions from a surprisingly wide and disparate range of 'closet' worsmiths.

I offer an example... ( I am obliged to use apiece of my own work as copyright laws forbid me harvesting the work of others)

'They Brought Them Home..' (A Tribute)

They left them there...
Each torn and twisted friend and comrade,
every shell shattered and bullet frayed life abandon where it fell.
Left them there; gore soaked and crumpled and filthy,
Strewn and scattered; as if of cast off piles of crimson oil soaked rags,
Catholic, as spillings from hell's own rag and bone cart
as it lurched and rattled across the blood spat fields,
each and every one holed, and scooped, and pock marked;
as if by the hooves of this hell cart's infernal nag.
Left them torn of their lives and cast eternally on that alien soil,
abandoned and alone...

Abandoned and alone;
each orphan limb and filth caked entrail,
every shrapnel ripped son; every unknown father and lost brother.
Left them all behind - always and alone - left,
to the dogs and the crows and the night worms.
In days and in ones and twos they went;
in weeks and in hundreds they left that curs'ed foreign earth;
in months and in thousands,
gladly they left those barren unfamiliar fields.
Wet still with the blood of Britain's manhood and...
They went home.

They went home.
Walking, stumbling, carried alitter, heads too heavy to lift.
Spastic and broken, filthy, remnants of men;
torn and numbed and debased by what they had seen;
what they had been.
Each horror sodden mind bruised and bloodied and scarred.
Minds bleeding crimson tears for what they had done,
what they had become.
Crushed and mutilated in victory and in ragged lines;
brothers in arms made strangers all.
They never looked back.

They never looked back.
Not once for the dead and dismembered and faceless comrades,
neither to cast eyes one last time on the gore that had been men;
once, so long ago, in the arms of a lover, in the eyes of their child.
Nor the hideous panoramas painted with battle's razor edged palette,
painted thick, obscene, glutinous, and rich in its dazzling colours.
They marched only onwards, eyes front... Going home;
home to wives and mothers; to pale children as yet unmet;
to dead fathers and shell shocked brothers;
Home. To unknown funerals and unseen headstones over empty caskets.
Bearing their fallen.

Bearing their fallen.
Carrying them gently in every broken, aching heart still with the will to beat;
on each broken back in every faded and crack folded love letter. Stained still,
with the tears and the mud and the blood of a thousand readings.
Bore them home in each dog eared, bleached and cracked filth smeared photograph;
the shabby and ragged; paper threads that nightly darned their threadbare existences.
Home. In the face of a lover, a family, a wife, a child.
They marched their spirits home in every grubby enveloped unsent love letter;
every shared cigarette and gulp of luke warm stale tea in mud spat mugs.
And in each indelible memory, of each last day, and of each last parting breath,
they brought them home.

They brought them home...
Not the butchered corpses that hung still, ravaged and bloody in war's grisly abattoirs,
or stocked the mud and gore dressed butcher's window of every gut strewn day.
Nor the grisly remnants that flowered obscene in those forgotten pastures,
but the men they were, whole and untainted, untouched by the obscenity.
Men amongst men; men whose courage and comradeship bore up a nation;
men whose sacrifice & suffering would serve to humble an entire generation;
Ordinary men; men made warriors and heroes by extraordinary circumstance.
In every life owed their comrade's sacrifice; and in every free born child;
in every mind and heart and in every spirit that set foot again on homeland soil...
They brought them home.

Posted by: sullivanthepoet | December 1, 2007 12:00 PM


Discussion Regarding The Need To Enact Into Law The Stem Cell Research Enactment Act Of 2007 Based On Article " Standing In The Way Of Stem Cell Research" Written By Alan L. Leshner And James A. Thompson

As the authors of this article conclude, we hope Congress will override the president's veto of the Stem Cell Research Enactment Act pursuing the clearly viable option of embryonic stem cells will result in an irretrievable lost of time if approach fails (skin cell research) to prove itself.

The authors also discuss, at a time when nearly 60 percent of Americans support human embryonic stem cell research, U.S. (Administration) counters to both scientific and public opionion.

Incidentally, The focus group after the republican presidential debate raised the fact that not a single item on the health care topic was discussed during the debate. Healthcare is 1/6 of the GNP of the United States.

Embryonic Stem Cell is a potential treatment for approximately 110,000,000+ individuals in the U.S.A. today who are suffering with chronic diseases such as Azheimer's, Cancer, Diabetes, Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinson's, etc.

A total of 4.5 million viewers watched the debate. 59% of the viewers were over 55 years of age and have a higher incidence of chronic diseases.

Clearly the Republican candidates are not addressing the concerns of the watching viewers and the over 200 million registered and unregistered voters in the November 2008 presidential elections.

Therefore, one would conclude that there should be an enactment Into Law of The Embryonic Stem Cell Research Act of 2007.

Posted by: David L. Stein | December 6, 2007 08:10 PM

The esteemed sports writers continue to write about Deion Sanders, Jason Campbell, Shawn Springs etc. as if stars are the only way teams win. Yet the evidence of winning teams shows that it is unity as a team that ultimately wins over and over again.

For example: last night, John Riggins praised his team mates and said that he would not have been able to do what he did without the team mates who blocked for him. It could also be said that he could not have done what he did without coaches who planned the plays and quarterbacks who gave him the ball.

In every Super Bowl, it is unity of team which wins the game not superstars. Denver won because Elway and his compatriots felt like and played like a team. But even though he acknowledged the "teamship" that they felt, as did John Riggins, people continue to ignore the power of unity in every phase of life.

Posted by: Ruhi19 | December 7, 2007 01:02 PM

Has Google taken over control of the newspaper yet?

Posted by: Adsense keyword | December 14, 2007 12:09 PM

For several days now when I try to post it gives me a message that I need to login or register, which I did a couple years ago. When I try to access the login page I get a 404 page has been moved. No link to go anywhere else just the above.
I have sent several emails to people at the post and haven't had even one response. I don't believe I have violated the rules and none of my posts have been removed. Has anyone else had this problem? If not does anyone have any suggestions as to how to deal with this?

Posted by: RetCombatVet | December 16, 2007 11:32 AM

It would be nice to have the spam bots prevented from depositing their verbiage.
Doug Hewitt

Posted by: Doug Hewitt | December 21, 2007 07:21 PM

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Posted by: Linda | January 3, 2008 01:55 AM

I really don't understand how the american people can endorce a moslem for our president when the moslem religion teaches that christians should be killed! They bombed the embassy in lebanon, blew up the USS cole, and blew up the twin towers! They are taught that if anyone don't believe in alah should be killed. In a christian country it seems to me that this is total stupidy. I believe if this stupidy isn't stopped we will see the arab or mexican flag flying over the white house with in the next few years! This political correctiness has went amuck in my opinion!

Posted by: ED Calvert | January 9, 2008 03:32 PM

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