Jamison out for Raptors

I don't have a lot of inside info on Antawn's knee but I didn't want to leave you guys hanging so here's what I do know: Antawn, who left six minutes in with a sprained left knee, is not making the flight to Toronto for tomorrow's game against the Raptors and will have an MRI on Thursday. He did walk off the court and to the lockeroom under his own power. It's the same knee he hyperextended against Boston on Jan. 20 and tweaked again against Phoenix last Tuesday night.

The early word I'm hearing is that he could be out at least through Saturday's game against the Lakers at Verizon Center. The Wiz then host Seattle on Monday night and San Antonio on Wednesday night and get three days off before hosting Portland on Feb. 11. So even if he misses three or four games, I think the team can stay afloat and get to the all star break when he can get even more rest.

Eddie Jordan did not say he'd picked a starter for tommorow night but the top candidates are Jarvis Hayes, who started at Milwaukee on Dec. 30 when Brendan Haywood missed a game, and Calvin Booth, who played 20 minutes (and played pretty well) at forward tonight. I see more plays being run and more shots for Caron Butler obviously, and a bigger offensive role for DeShawn Stevenson. Then, the bench has to step up like it did tonight when the Wiz outscored Detroit's reserves (didn't I say that would be a key in my post earlier?) 29-20.

By Ivan Carter |  January 30, 2007; 11:00 PM ET
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I read on Wizards.com that on someone said on NBA Coast to Coast that Jamison is out 3 to 6 weeks. Is that an official Wizards injury report?

Posted by: Kinny | January 30, 2007 11:15 PM

Good win, tough loss for AJ.
Thanks IC for the early prognosis.

Don't want to seem like gloomer & doomer: but I've seen guys walk off be4 & end up out for the season.

Anyhow, here's hoping AJ shows every1 (not that he has to) how he can bounce back off the floor fast. You're going to miss AJ you AJ bashers! ;)

Time for AB to come out of his crib!

Posted by: Victor | January 30, 2007 11:16 PM

Kinny: EJ was interviewed on the ESPN show & he said a few weeks. No definite time table...but @ least thru the all star break.

Posted by: Victor | January 30, 2007 11:18 PM

Arvis starting in place of 'Tawn is scary. According to 82games.com, the Wiz are +83 with Antawn in the game, and (this is not a misprint) -111 with Arvis in there.

Yes, you read right, he is dead last in +/- differential on the team, below James Lang, Cal Booth, Roger Mason, Andray Blatche, Donnell Taylor, and even poor Mike Ruffin.

Posted by: Gack | January 30, 2007 11:28 PM

This offers a good opportunity to try playing Etan and Brendan together. It may not be the right strategy, but considering the other options are Calvin Booth (who's below Jarvis in +/-) or Hayes, who's undersized and not suited for power forward.

It's at least worth a look. Both Haywood and Etan have positive +/- ratings.

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Posted by: Pradamaster | January 30, 2007 11:44 PM

I stand corrected on Booth...I was looking at Roland Rating.


Posted by: Pradamaster | January 30, 2007 11:47 PM

I'd be very wary of starting Etan and Haywood together - one needs to give the other a blow and I don't get the impression that EJ has that much faith in James Lang being a key big-man sub.

DeShawn Stevenson or AD or both really have to step up offensively while Antawn is out.

Posted by: Bullets Fan in L.A. | January 31, 2007 12:46 AM

I agree with Pradamaster on this one. I've been calling for a Haywood/Thomas lineup for 2 years now. It's way past its time to try this out. But we all know he's gonna stick good ol' Garbage Hayes in there and play stupid small ball. And playing Haywood and Thomas together would not hurt the bench. I think the Raptors game is a perfect opportunity to try this out. He can bring in Booth to sub for either one (most likely the one who picks up the most fouls first) and he can also bring in Blatche, who I think would be the best guy on the team to match up against Bosh.

Posted by: C.Bell | January 31, 2007 1:15 AM

i really hope antawn gets healthy soon. and i also hope that the coaching and training staff give him plenty of time to get healthy, if necessary. i'd rather have the wiz lose 4-5 in a row now in exchange for a totally healthy antawn at the end of the regular season and in the playoffs. of course, i'm not expecting 4-5 straight losses without antawn, i'm just saying that if that is the cost, i'd be happy to pay it.

as for a replacement, i think booth earned the starting spot with his play tonight. toronto plays with a tall lineup (bosh (6'10"), garbajosa (6'9"), nesterovic (7'0") and bargnani (7'0") all played significant minutes in their last game) and the wiz probably can't get away with etan/brendan and 4 guys 6'7" or below. i'd like to see booth and blatche get a bunch of minutes at the 4 spot. if booth can hit that 15-18 foot jumper consistently, he'll contribute a lot on offense, and his and andray's height will be important for defense and rebounding.

Posted by: AC | January 31, 2007 1:16 AM

Almost forgot, I feel bad for Jamison but I think that this is one of those blessings in disguise. I truly believe that someone is going to step up and make a MAJOR contribution in his absence. My list of contenders are, Blatche, Booth, Stevenson, Mason, or Hayes. One of these guys is going to show the rest of the league that this team is to be taken seriously come playoff time. That's just my opinion.

Posted by: C.Bell | January 31, 2007 1:22 AM

I think that out of the Big 3, Antawn clearly is the guy who we can most afford to lose because of what he gives up on the defensive end. If we had a deeper bench I wouldn't be concerned. This just makes Eddie's job tougher since we have so little depth. Hopefully he'll be out 3 weeks (6 games) and be back after the all-star game.

Posted by: Daniel | January 31, 2007 1:48 AM

Also, Jarvis Hayes is terrible. He's really, really a bad player and it's just amazing to me that everyone associated with the team from Eddie to Ernie Grunfeld to our damn TV and radio announcers refuse to admit this. He's a shooter who can't shoot.

Posted by: Daniel | January 31, 2007 1:49 AM

I was at the game, and noticed that G-Man didn't make an appearance for his usual novelty-dunking.

Antawn is injured, and then G-Man fails to show on the same night... coincidence? Or more? Why have those two never been photographed together!?

Posted by: Evan | January 31, 2007 3:35 AM

We all appreciate self-congratulatory remarks like "...the Wiz outscored Detroit's reserves (didn't I say that would be a key in my post earlier?)."

Unfortunately, you also said (in the main thrust of your posting), "In my mind, the key to tonight's game will be Antawn Jamison." Hmmm...

Posted by: Peter | January 31, 2007 5:53 AM

Great win by the Wizards.
I haven't understood all season why Jordan has had Hayes playing PF, and couldn't understand last night why Jordan again had Hayes playing PF and Wallace and McDyess when both of those guys were posting up over and over again. He had Booth, Blatche and Thomas available as PFs. If Hayes sees considerable time as a PF while Jamison is out, we can track how it works.

Posted by: Henry | January 31, 2007 7:30 AM

I am another fan (18 years) who has not figured out what is Eddie's (and Ernie's) fascination with Jarves Hayes???? Do you guys remember Corey Alexander? That is who Jarvis reminds me of. Jarves and Corey both had two of the "best looking strokes" for jumpshots you could every see (both get way off of the floor on their "J"). But guess what, they both never hit with them. Also both possess "crazy" hops but never used those hops to attack the rim. Go figure....!!!!! They both settle for jump shots that never go in!!! I know when Jarves shoots his "j" it is bouncing "LONG" everytime. Anyway, I guess the only reason they are giving him major minutes is because he will be a Free Agent at the end of the year and they want to know wheather or not should they sign him long term. Don't get me wrong, Jarvis is a nice guy and seems like a good team player, but he has to start "attacking" the rim more to deserve more minutes (although Eddie still "gives" him way more minutes then he would any of his other reserves). I prefer to have Blatche in there getting some game time experience. I wish Eddie would have that same mindset(he has with Jarvis)with Andrae. Jarvis is always allowed to play through his mistakes, but Andrae is not. Any thoughts?

Posted by: Ollie | January 31, 2007 8:06 AM

What's important is that Jamison is healthy for the 2nd half of the season.

EJ can use this time to get some other players more min. He just needs to be alittle quicker with the timeouts if things aren't going their way.

Posted by: AE | January 31, 2007 8:43 AM

Add me to the list of fans completely mystified with Eddie's love affair with Jarvis. It seems to me that the Wiz have been more effective with Blatche at 4, but he doesn't get PT any more. Eddie also likes to give Etan almost as much PT as Brendan, when Brendan is CLEARLY - it's not even close, IMO - the more effective player. Ivan, can you ask Eddie about this? I'm sure you still read these posts, although you don't respond in the comments section too much anymore.

Posted by: Keithinator | January 31, 2007 8:53 AM

I would rather play Booth or Blatche alongside Haywood or Etan rather than playing Haywood and Etan together. Booth has shown he can hit the 15-18 footer pretty consistently which would help spread the floor a bit more for Gil and Caron to slash. Playing Etan and Haywood together would clog up the inside, as the defense will not pay any attention to either of them if they are standing 15 feet away from the basket. This would force our guards to keep taking jumpers rather than attacking the rim. With Booth starting, Gil/Caron can drive and if the defense decides to clog the lane, they can kick it to Booth for an open J. I'd use Blatche as an energy guy off the bench right now, until he shows some more consistency.

Posted by: gvp | January 31, 2007 9:07 AM

Jarvis played huge last night in the 4th with 8 points in the period. You hater shall see he just starting to get he legs back. :p

They looked lost on offence in the third last night without Jamison on O last night. He knee hasn't been right since the Boston game. At some point he was going to have to sit for awhile to get it right. Might as well be now and hopefully he comes back close to 100% soon.

Hopefully we'll see more Blache and maybe even an early Darius or Ruff sighting. Anything but Booth. He a nice guy but there is a reason he's never started in the NBA.

Posted by: dc | January 31, 2007 9:12 AM

dc, until last night i would have agreed with you on booth. after last night, i'm much more sold on cal's abilities. he usually doesn't get more than a couple of minutes of playing time, so we really haven't had a chance to see if he can make those 15-18 footers that he takes. last night, he showed that he does have that shot in his arsenal, and he played some pretty good defense too. he'll struggle against much bigger/taller guys and against much quicker guys, but he's not a joke on the defensive end and he has some offensive ability.

i agree with gvp - you can't play haywood and etan together because it would clog the lane too much. plus, if they don't speak to each other, as has been reported, how can they play together?

Posted by: AC | January 31, 2007 9:41 AM

Nobody is really hating on Jarvis. We hate the fact that Eddie keeps using him as if he was a 6'11 power forward who can shoot. He's not. He's 6'6 at best and is always the first man off the bench and is always replacing a big man when he enters the game. He was checking Mcdyess for Pete's Sake!!! How dumb is that. And tonight I can assure you that he'll be checking Chris Bosh for at least 15-20 minutes. Its to a point now where its not even comical anymore. Its sad

Posted by: C.Bell | January 31, 2007 10:13 AM

Considering Jamison is the only PF on this team, this is going to be painful. Wizards need to find a combination of players who can play PF for 39 minutes a game!

Playing Hayes against 6'11" all-star Bosh will be tough. I think Booth may be a better choice, especially after his performance against Detroit. However, Bosh is younger and does not have Weber's bum knees, so if Booth cannot keep up, Blatche will have to be pressed into action.

I do not think Haywood/Thomas combination will work. You cannot simply add two players +/- together. Haywood and Thomas are basically the same type of players. Neither of them has outside shot, or is able to drive to the basket. They rely on other people to pass them the ball inside or offensive rebounds to score. They are good at what they do, but together will just get into each other's way. At least Booth has a little better jump shots than either Thomas or Haywood, as he demonstarted last night.

Posted by: sagaliba | January 31, 2007 10:17 AM

Totally agree with whoever compared Jarvis to Courtney Alexander. That dude loved taking fadeaway jumpers and trying to look like Jordan in the process. And it's not like Jarvis is a good defensive player, either. He was getting killed against the Hornets by whoever he guarded yet played almost the entire second half.

Posted by: Daniel | January 31, 2007 10:31 AM

Nah, Courtney Alexander would CHOOSE to hit a more difficult jump shot than an easy one. And he would try to jump over a standstill defender (and being called for charges everytime) than to avoid him in fast break. At least Hayes is not that dumb.

Let's give Hayes some credit, at least he played well on defense last night, considering how mush height he is giving up.

Posted by: sagaliba | January 31, 2007 10:42 AM

The real question with Jarvis is whether he is damaged goods or not. In his rookie season he was explosive to the basket and could hit his J. Now he does neither. The latter is probably a confidence issue, perhaps exacerbated by the need to change his mechanics due to his knee. The driving to the basket is the real question mark. Does he not have the first step anymore? Or again, is he just worried about getting hurt?

One thing to think about - tho he is in a contract year, what is more important to him - getting some kind of decent multi-year contract with someone for security or taking the risk of getting hurt in exchange for a bigger money contract? If he gets hurt again, he might not get any contract, given how slow he has been to recover.

Where is Ledell Eackles when we need him?

Posted by: charles jones | January 31, 2007 10:43 AM

Where is Hot Plate when you need him most?

6'8, 270 of pure power forward.

Posted by: the cheat | January 31, 2007 10:51 AM

I echo C. Bell's comments above. It is hard to get a full read on Jarvis's performance this year because so often he is playing power forward. (He was the team's starting shooting guard last season -- did he grow three inches over the summer?) Maybe (maybe) one reason he isn't driving much is that he is being guarded by a taller player who is defending against the drive and giving his the jump shot (good strategy given the way he is clanking them this season). He looks lost at times, and maybe playing power forward is part of that. I give Hayes credit for doing his best this year as a power forward and never uttering one complaint about it. You know that other players often complain about how they are being used, etc.
Even if Jordan thinks Hayes is a better player than Blatche, Booth, etc., he is not a better power forward. I don't know if playing Etan at power forward is a great move, but isn't it obvious that Etan is a better power forward than Hayes? It appears that Jordan has abandoned the smallball strategy of using someone other than a real center at center. Maybe with Jamison out he will learn and abandon the notion of using a shooting guard at power forward.

Posted by: Joe | January 31, 2007 10:57 AM

Joe, very good points and observations on Arvis and team.

charles jones said, "The real question with Jarvis is whether he is damaged goods or not. In his rookie season he was explosive to the basket and could hit his J. Now he does neither. The latter is probably a confidence issue, perhaps exacerbated by the need to change his mechanics due to his knee. The driving to the basket is the real question mark. Does he not have the first step anymore? Or again, is he just worried about getting hurt?" - Arvis' big weakness coming out of the draft from Georgia was his very questionable driving ability after two dribbles. He just doesn't have the handles and elusiveness to create shots off the dribble. He's more of a 3 than a 2 in any case.

Blatche needs to play 10-15 mins minimum while Jamison is out. And Haywood should be playing 5-10 more minutes than Etan, considering how much more productive he is overall. Haywood does have a nasty habit of reaching and swiping instead of keeping his hands up (a la Duncan). He would be that much better intimidator if he does that and would not be in as foul trouble as he sometimes is.

Posted by: Going G.A.G.A. over Gilbert | January 31, 2007 11:19 AM

Posted by: Daniel | January 31, 2007 01:48 AM

>>>I think that out of the Big 3, Antawn clearly is the guy who we can most afford to lose

Disagree. No one else on the team does what Jamison does: stretch the floor to make room for Gil and Caron and draw the bigs outside.

If Blatche could make a shot, we'd be alright. Booth used-ta-could, but he hit what 2 in 20 minutes last night?

Expect Caron's % to drop a little, and Gil's FT totals to decline as teams begin to clog the inside more.

Posted by: doclinkin (realgm.com/boards) | January 31, 2007 11:29 AM

So, Doc, which one of the big 3 could we afford to lose less than Jamison -- Gil or Caron? And why?

Posted by: Steve | January 31, 2007 11:38 AM

We're definitely going to miss him offensively but we definitely get better defensively when he's off the floor.

Posted by: Daniel | January 31, 2007 11:45 AM

Jamison's great + numbers w/ Gil on the floor is indicative of his ability to play off the attention Gil gets. He decision to shoot, pass, or drive off Gil's playmaking is quick and usually w/ good results. In this way, he's much less of a one on one player than either Gil or Caron is. The type of on court chemistry Gil and Jamison have go way back to their GS days. They really mesh well better than any two on the court.

Posted by: Going G.A.G.A. over Gilbert | January 31, 2007 11:51 AM

IC, gotta give props to Mike Wise for his article on Webber's wistful look/advice of the Wizards young talent and chemistry.

Posted by: Going G.A.G.A. over Gilbert | January 31, 2007 11:56 AM

Has anyone figured out why Blatche is not in the "rotation" anymore?? After one of the few games he played in a couple of weeks ago, Caron Butler in the postgame show was talking about how much talent the kid had and that he would even be willing to give up some of his minutes to see him get some "run". Ivan, if you are reading these blogs; could you please ask Eddie why Blatche is unable to get any "run"...???

Blatche strikes me just like Haywood. More minutes you give him, the more they will out do their mistakes they might make and produce with something great (however they do not get that chance like Jarvis and Etan do). From watching the Wiz the last three years with Eddie at the helm, I have always felt Haywood had a legitimate grip about his minutes. I say this because it seems like Eddie uses the same type of strategy on Blatche. If Blatche makes one or two mistakes (remember he is only 20 years old), he is banished to the bench for the rest of the game and 4 games after that. Haywood's treatment was not that extreme, but he would only get about 20 -25 minutes a game (even when he was playing great in the first quarter) and he was a starter....???!!!! Haywood clearly outplays Etan, because Etan is not a "5" he is a "4" trying to be a "5"....!!!! Same with Blatche, he is a "4" "right now", but could and would do better playing the "5" then Etan.

To summarize, I think Eddie plays Etan and Jarvis a lot because of their contract situations. Jarvis is "up" for a new one at the end of the season (they have to find out if it is worth investing longterm in him) and Etan has a contract that is paying him "starter's minutes" so Eddie can not just give him a little bit of minutes because of his big contract. Comments....????

Posted by: ollie | January 31, 2007 12:14 PM

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Posted by: loco mullin | January 31, 2007 12:31 PM

2 things: 1st, Etan and Brendan are not the same player. Yeah, they both struggle offensively but offense isn't what we ask of them. I see Etan as a better on the ball defender than Brendan but Haywood plays better help defense. If you were to use Haywood/Thomas with the Big 3 then everything would be fine. 2 above average defenders in the post, 2 above average defenders on the wings...and Gilbert. Sorry G, You my man n all, but as the saying goes, "your best defense is a good offense".
2nd: The Courtney Alexander/Jarvis Hayes comparisons are WAYYY off. Courtney was a better defender and a superb ball handler (especially since he was playing out of position at the point). If Courtney had the chances Jarvis has, he'd be in the League right now. People forget, He was on the team with Rip and MJ. I'd come off the bench gunning my damn self:-)

Posted by: C.Bell | January 31, 2007 12:37 PM

Hey Cheat, We got a hot plate on the bench. James Lang is 6'10 270 something.

Posted by: C.Bell | January 31, 2007 12:44 PM

David Thorpe just said on an ESPN chat that "I think Blatche is one of the most talented youngsters I've seen in the past 5 summer league seasons. Getting time is crucial for his development." Eddie also mentioned Andre on the post-game last night, so lets hope he finally lets the kid get some consistent run.

Posted by: La Souza | January 31, 2007 12:47 PM


Posted by: La Souza | January 31, 2007 12:48 PM

What's the status on Darius Songaila? Perhaps its time to push up his schedule and give him some playing time since AJ is out. He's their only other pure PF.

Posted by: MikeK. | January 31, 2007 2:01 PM


You also forget, that Courtney Alexander had plenty of chances being the starting shooting guard w/ the Hornets and Baron Davis since Wesley was just too short. He didn't do much and couldn't outplay Wesley either. So he had plenty of chances too. Not trying to say that Arvis is as good or bad as Alexander, just to this point, he's not doing any better probably much worse than Alexander had done during his time in the league.

Posted by: Going G.A.G.A. over Gilbert | January 31, 2007 2:25 PM

If the choice is Jarvis at the 4 or Booth at the 4 (you know Eddie won't start Blatche) then I vote for Booth. I can't believe I am saying this, but if Jarvis starts at the 4 the Wizards D will probably get worse. I want Daniels to continuing coming off the bench.

Posted by: George Templeton | January 31, 2007 2:39 PM


I'm w/ you on Booth, but as we both know, it'll play out like it has all year long. He'll start Arvis b/c it'll give him the excuse to play his smallball w/ Jamison out. He'll say he had "no choice".

I really hope EJ will prove me wrong in the coming weeks, but i'm not setting myself up for disappointment saying he'll go w/ Booth.

Posted by: Going G.A.G.A. over Gilbert | January 31, 2007 3:03 PM

As much as I think Antawn is a bit overrated, it's hard to argue that the ability of a 4 to hit 3 point shots opens up the floor for everybody...especially Gil. That's what we'll miss while Tawn is out. I think that spacing is the reason he would consider Jarvis for that position. I personally think that we should play Blatche more and just increase the offensive plays for Deshawn and get mason some minutes. Rather than have our 4 shoot threes, let Stevenson do it. Blatche is a decent help defender and hustles. Let the kid grow !!

Posted by: Mark | January 31, 2007 3:13 PM

Speaking of getting the kids minutes, Lang oughtta get some time. He has the best hands and offensive skills of any of our big men. Granted, he's out of shape and his defense is suspect probably but it's not like we have Bill Russell or Olajuwon starting right now. We're suspect defensively anyway. May as well go for offense. I have another bone to pick. Was Peter John Ramos so bad that they couldn't find 5 minutes a game for him. We went with Ruffin against Cleveland in the playoffs a couple years ago. 7'3" is 7'3" !! He sucked as a shotblocker but at his height, the fear of getting it blocked is as good as anything Ruffin was doing. Jordan needs to stop being so old school and play the youngsters. It's the only way they improve.

Posted by: Mark | January 31, 2007 3:18 PM

If there was ever a situation that would allow Blatche to get some burn, it would be now. This situation will force Eddie's hand and Blatche developing will be the silver lining to Antwans injury

jarvis at the PF is a complete joke. it should never happen with subsitutions, let alone starting the game with that.

rushing songaila back would be a big mistake and short-sighted, especially with a back injury. you dont want someone to be in the situation that T-mac is in.

Not sure what to do about it, but the better the wizards are doing, the less productive I am at work. if the wizards make it to the NBA finals I may get fired.

Posted by: Ray Chris. | January 31, 2007 3:29 PM

Just want to say that it's great to hear (see?) people talking about the Wizards. I live in New York and the Knicks are so mediocre that nobody cares about any NBA team. When I tell my friends that the Wizards are now #1 in the East, they just yawn and say it's only a few weeks until pitchers and catchers! Go Wizards!!!

Posted by: Paul Stutz | January 31, 2007 3:52 PM

"If Hayes sees considerable time as a PF while Jamison is out, we can track how it works."

There's just something completely fundementally wrong with his shot. There was one shot in last night's game where he took a jumper from the top of the key and it REALLY came off his hand funky.

"The real question with Jarvis is whether he is damaged goods or not."

I miss old Catfish" also CJ, lol!

Watch the ball spin when he shoots, it just doesn't look right.

- Ray

Posted by: Ray | January 31, 2007 5:51 PM

err....Ledell "Catfish" Eackles

Computer messed me up before I could post. :)

- Ray

Posted by: Ray | January 31, 2007 5:51 PM

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