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Canary Islands Also Seeking CIA Flight Information

"A dispute over alleged CIA use of Spain as a base for transporting Islamic terror suspects spread Wednesday to the Canary Islands," according to EiTB4, a Basque news site. The local government there has asked Madrid to explain newspaper reports...

By Jefferson Morley | November 16, 2005; 6:30 PM ET | Comments (4)

Burning Issue of White Phosphorus

The Italian television documentary, "Fallujah: The Hidden Massacre," is drawing worldwide media attention after it prompted the Pentagon to admit that U.S. forces used white phosphorous as weapon against insurgents in the siege of Fallujah a year ago. White phosphorus,...

By Jefferson Morley | November 16, 2005; 3:22 PM ET | Comments (86)

Europe Tracks CIA Operations

Reporting on CIA's alleged use of European facilities in secret counterterrorism operations continues to proliferate in the European online media. Spain's El Mundo reported Monday that the European Union's justice commissioner has asked all EU countries and countries applying for...

By Jefferson Morley | November 15, 2005; 6:33 PM ET | Comments (14)

Amman Bombing: Spinning a Conspiracy Theory

One Palestinian online columnist is rejecting news reports that Abu Musab Zarqawi was responsible for the hotel bombings in Jordan last week that killed 57 people, many of them Palestinians. "Israeli operatives" were behind the blasts, claims Elias Akleh on...

By Jefferson Morley | November 15, 2005; 4:45 PM ET | Comments (27)

East Asia's New Old Cold War

As President Bush tours East Asia this week, the region's online media simmers with palpable resentment between Japan and its neighbors. While Bush seeks closer military relations with Japan, other host countries in the region are preoccupied with animosities against...

By Jefferson Morley | November 15, 2005; 9:33 AM ET | Comments (39)

Mideast Media Ask: Can France and Islam Coexist?

Who is to blame? The French people? France's government? The Muslim immigrants themselves? When it comes to the riots that swept France over the last two weeks, commentators in the Arab online media are divided. Some blame French secularism, many...

By Jefferson Morley | November 14, 2005; 11:35 AM ET | Comments (26)


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