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By Jefferson Morley |  November 9, 2005; 5:55 AM ET  | Category:  Europe
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Trying to save the manufacturing sector in this country needs to be a priority. We are quickly becoming a "non-industrial" country within our lifetime. My efforts are falling on deaf ears.

October 27, 2005

Honorable Robert Drain
United States Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of New York
One Bowling Green
Room 610
New York, New York 10004

Subject: Delphi Corporation: Bankruptcy by Design

Honorable Judge Drain:

With all respect and admiration for the court system of our land, I submit to you this plea, a plea for fairness to its people. I clearly understand that the court is governed by the facts placed in evidence before it, but my prayer is that God has enlightened your vision and enriched your wisdom as to see through the deception of this "corporate designed" bankruptcy now before you. It takes vicious minds to conceive and execute the travesty of justice that has been placed before your court and even a more vicious mind to expect your Honor to be the instrument of that injustice.

If the presented circumstances surrounding the bankruptcy of the Delphi Corporation were truly believable, and in fact, "truthful", then I would accept with dignity the inevitable consequences as handed down by your court. My problem lies in the fact that this Corporation has, since its "spin-off" with General Motors, orchestrated its own demise with the sole intention of negating its contractual obligations to its retirees, employees and vendors, the same of which, have been instrumental in the successful global expansion it now enjoys and in turn claims as its own competition.

Charges of wrongdoing, accounting scandal and sheer greed by the corporate leaders of this great country have already cost in the thousands, jobs, life savings and affected generations of families. A "level playing field" is the cry heard in our "free enterprise society", but where is the voice of this US citizen whose living wage is to be turned back from middle class to a poverty level for no other reason than he is "Working Class" or to paraphrase Mr. Miller... "human capital that cuts the grass"?

It is a sad day in American history, when the corporations can utilize the Freedoms guaranteed of by the United States and Laws adjudicated by Her Court System to undermine the very fiber that made Her great by manipulating the law to support companies that choose to take advantage of the enslaved people of China against Her own. Corporate America waits with great anticipation this judgment of your court, for the blue print Delphi has laid before you will be the New Standard to achieve Bankruptcy by Design.

Respectfully Submitted,

Salvatore l. Ciferno
Skilled Trades: Machine Repairman
Packard Electric Systems
Delphi Corporation
Warren, Ohio

Salvatore L. Ciferno
2015 Ewalt Ave. NE
Warren, Ohio 44483

Posted by: Sal Ciferno | November 17, 2005 07:19 AM

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