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Cartoon Roundup: Walling Off Mexico

A proposal in the U.S. Congress to build a 700-mile long wall along portions of the U.S.-Mexican border has captured the imagination -- and indignation -- of Mexico's relatively large contingent of political cartoonists. "El Muro" (The Wall), as it...

By Jefferson Morley | January 7, 2006; 10:30 AM ET | Comments (25)

Proposed Wall Divides the Americas

Question: How do you say "Why Do They Hate Us?" in Spanish? Answer: "El Muro" (The Wall) The U.S. House of Representatives's approval to create a 700 mile-long wall running along the more populated parts of the U.S-Mexican border has...

By Jefferson Morley | January 6, 2006; 9:45 AM ET | Comments (73)

Arab Media Quiet on Sharon

The failing health of a longtime foe holds limited interest for the Arab online media. Palestinians are "closely" following the hospitalization of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, according to Al Manar, the Lebanese news site. The Palestinian president  Mahmoud Abbas...

By Jefferson Morley | January 5, 2006; 1:54 PM ET | Comments (10)

Sharon's Last Chapter?

This is not the first time that Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has been close to death, observes commentator Yuri Lapid in Israel's YNet News. Sharon was shot in the stomach in the first Israeli-Arab war in 1948 and almost...

By Jefferson Morley | January 5, 2006; 9:05 AM ET | Comments (49)

Iran's Besieged Bloggers

In the land of the ayatollahs, online opinion journalism can be a dangerous pastime. "Iran has the grim distinction of having arrested and jailed the most bloggers," says the journalist watchdog group Reporters Without Borders in its annual report released...

By Jefferson Morley | January 4, 2006; 2:51 PM ET | Email a Comment

Axis of Evo

By visiting Cuba and Venezuela in his first two foreign trips, Bolivia's leftist president-elect Evo Morales made clear that he will align his government with the hemisphere's sharpest critics of the United States. El Universal, a leading daily in Venezuela,...

By Jefferson Morley | January 4, 2006; 8:08 AM ET | Comments (22)


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