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Spielberg's Foreign Policy

"'Munich' is definitely the most European film I have ever made," Steven Spielberg told Germany"s Spiegel Online this week. "I also think that 'Munich' will have an easier time here, that it will be understood more easily and better." The...

By Jefferson Morley | January 27, 2006; 9:10 AM ET | Comments (40)

'Earthquake' Rattles Israel

Israelis felt the ground move under their feet today when the radical Islamic group Hamas claimed victory in the Palestinian parliamentary elections. And many online commentators in the Jewish state are blaming President Bush for the shifting political grounds. "The...

By Jefferson Morley | January 26, 2006; 9:53 AM ET | Comments (86)

Palestinian Dissatisfaction Boosts Hamas

The story line on today's Palestinian elections is the rise of Hamas. Media accounts agree that the Islamic Resistance Movement, Hamas's formal name, will win a significant share of the 132-member Palestinian Legislative Council. For most online observers, its success...

By Jefferson Morley | January 25, 2006; 9:33 AM ET | Comments (28)

What Does Israel Fear in Iran?

Trita Parsi, a Middle East specialist at the Johns Hopkins University's School of Advanced International Studies in Washington, has a counterpoint to Niall Ferguson's nightmare scenario for "The Great War of 2007." What Israel fears from a nuclear Iran, Parsi...

By Jefferson Morley | January 24, 2006; 2:35 PM ET | Comments (90)

'The Great War of 2007'

Niall Ferguson, British-born historian at Harvard, envisions the current diplomatic impasse over Iran's nuclear program ending in a catastrophic nuclear exchange between Iran and Israel in August 2007 and a wider Middle East war. Ferguson's nightmare scenario, which he sketched...

By Jefferson Morley | January 24, 2006; 9:39 AM ET | Comments (44)

Canada's Anti-American Impulse

For a while, the Canadian election campaign challenged the country's stereotypical reputation as a dull land of nice people insecure about the superpower to the south. When it came to talking about the United States, the language of Canadian politics...

By Jefferson Morley | January 23, 2006; 11:19 AM ET | Comments (210)


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