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Hugo Chavez, the Perennial Issue

Hugo Chavez isn't a candidate for president of Peru or Mexico, but that doesn't mean he isn't involved in their presidential politics. With 16 days until Peruvians go to the polls and 100 until Mexico votes, the Venezuela's leftist leader...

By Jefferson Morley | March 24, 2006; 10:15 AM ET | Comments (49)

Israel's Arabs: Outsiders Within

Like many Israeli Arabs, Azmi Bishara feels like an outsider living in the Jewish state. He is a member of the Knesset and running for reelection to the Israeli parliament in the country's March 28 elections. But his newspaper column...

By Jefferson Morley | March 23, 2006; 11:21 AM ET | Comments (63)

Israel's Election Shows Kadima's 'Unilateral' Appeal

As its name implies, the Israeli-Palestinian Web site does not offer sweet reading. Launched in 2001 by Israeli analyst Yossi Alpher and Palestinian politician Ghassan Khatib, bitterlemons features hard-headed analysis from both sides of the Middle East conflict...

By Jefferson Morley | March 22, 2006; 11:14 AM ET | Comments (15)

Three Years On, British War Critics Crow

Three years after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq, the heated debate in the British media about the war has given way to a gloomier discussion about Iraq's dismal state. Even more than in the United States, opponents of the war...

By | March 20, 2006; 3:20 AM ET | Comments (79)


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