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Global Divide on Israel Lobby Study

The global reaction to a study of pro-Israeli political forces in the United States reveals a profound gulf between U.S. and Israeli commentators and online pundits throughout the rest of the world. In the international online media, the 83-page study,...

By Jefferson Morley | March 31, 2006; 10:07 AM ET | Comments (191)

Defense of Migrants Unites Mexican Media

The United States may be divided on the illegal immigration issue, but Mexico is not. In fact, the issues that sharply split U.S. public opinion don't provoke much debate at all in the country that supplies most of the immigrants....

By Jefferson Morley | March 30, 2006; 9:39 AM ET | Comments (85)

War Foes Warmed by Fukuyama's Change of Heart

Francis Fukuyama "is good at reading 'the moment'," says the London Guardian, and the generous international reception of his new book, "America at the Crossroads," confirms the point. Fukuyama, the dean of the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies...

By Jefferson Morley | March 29, 2006; 9:11 AM ET | Comments (78)

In French Eyes, 'Anguish,' not 'Fantasy'

In the U.S. media (the Washington Post, for example) it is hard to find opinion makers who have much sympathy for the French students and workers staging a nationwide general strike today in opposition to a new employment law for...

By Jefferson Morley | March 28, 2006; 11:20 AM ET | Comments (52)


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