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World Opinion Takes a Break

Starting Friday, April 21, I will be out of the country. World Opinion Roundup will resume Friday, April 28 -- make that Monday, May 1. See you then....

By Jefferson Morley | April 21, 2006; 9:57 AM ET | Comments (14)

China's Media Stay on Message

If you read China's online press, this week's meeting between President Hu Jintao and George W. Bush is a get-together of natural partners who, but for a few misunderstandings, could and should be much better friends. The Chinese commentary on Hu's visit doesn't just closely follow Hu's message to. It is Hu's message. The leading English language news sites are all controlled by the government. To get a more complete picture of the dance between the world's most powerful nation and the world' most populous country, you have to read other Asian online commentators.

By | April 20, 2006; 12:21 PM ET | Comments (32)

Death Penalty for Danish Cartoons?

The Danish cartoon story may have subsided in the West, but the controversy still reverberates around the world. Sixty delegates from youth groups in Denmark and the Persian Gulf met in Dubai this week to talk about the cartoons and...

By Jefferson Morley | April 18, 2006; 6:53 PM ET | Comments (125)

Down Under, Oil for Food Scandal Spins the Other Way

In Australia, the politics of the United Nations Oil for Food scandal have been reversed. In the United States and Europe, conservative commentators have played up the scandal, noting that that French, Russian and British officials who opposed the U.S.-led...

By Jefferson Morley | April 18, 2006; 6:15 PM ET | Comments (15)

Deadlock Breeds Despair in Iraq

The prospect of progress in Iraq was scuttled once again today when Iraq's top legislator postponed a parliamentary session meant to break deadlock. "Our government is fast asleep, snoring over pillows filled with ostrich feathers and if it wakes up - and that is a big if - it immerses itself in soft and luxurious armchairs," writes Jamal Mudhafar in today's edition of Azzaman, a Baghdad daily.

By Jefferson Morley | April 17, 2006; 1:38 PM ET | Comments (33)


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