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BBC's Middle East Coverage Faulted

The BBC is failing to cover the Israeli-Palestinian conflict well, says an independent report. The British television network's coverage is inconsistent, incomplete and misleading, but there is "no deliberate or systematic bias" in its reporting of the Middle East. The...

By Jefferson Morley | May 5, 2006; 9:59 AM ET | Comments (50)

The Essential FT: Watching Bolivia's Evo

Some of the best coverage of Bolivia's decision to nationalize its natural gas fields is found in the Financial Times of London. Read and you get a fair picture of what is going on with President Evo Morales and...

By Editors | May 4, 2006; 9:43 AM ET | Comments (58)

Dick Morris Back on the (Mexican) Campaign Trail?

A solid dose of negative campaigning has tightened up Mexico's three-way presidential race, generating a spate of stories about the influence of controversial U.S. political strategist Dick Morris. Reports in the Mexican press are raising questions about how connected...

By Jefferson Morley | May 3, 2006; 11:08 AM ET | Comments (10)

Israel's Unsettling Coalition

Come Thursday, Israel is expected to swear in a new government and the world will begin to learn what exactly Prime Minister Ehud Olmert means by "convergence." "Convergence" is the word Olmert used during the Israeli election campaign to describe...

By Jefferson Morley | May 2, 2006; 8:37 AM ET | Comments (44)

El Salvador Ducks U.S. Immigration Debate

As the immigrant rights movement mobilizes for a national strike today, few countries have more at stake in the U.S. debate than El Salvador. Mexico is the biggest factor in the U.S. debate, with more than 26 million people of...

By Jefferson Morley | May 1, 2006; 12:45 PM ET | Comments (142)


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