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Zarqawi's Death -- Just Who Does It Help?

Has the U.S. reached a turning point in its war on terror? That's the question at the heart of international online commentary on the killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the leader of al-Qaeda in Iraq. The death of the 39-year-old Jordanian insurgent who orchestrated suicide bombings and televised decapitations was "a rare and major success" for the United States and the Iraqi government, according to the BBC and many others.

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Support Seen for Jailhouse Letter

Some Israelis see it as a trick. Many Palestinians see it as common sense. "It," in fact, is a jailhouse letter that has landed at the center of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The "Prisoners' Reconciliation Document," as it is known, is...

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How Haditha Helps Iran

The fallout from last November's deadly raid in Haditha has, in the words of Spiegel Online contributors Georg Mascolo and Gerhard Sporl, "destroyed much of any progress made" in recent weeks in establishing a new Iraqi government and starting negotiations over Iran's nuclear program.

By Jefferson Morley | June 6, 2006; 8:37 AM ET | Comments (20)

An End to the Chavez Trend?

Last week in Mexico City's La Cronica de Hoy, columnist José Carreño Carlón suggested the influence of Venezuela's leftist president Hugo Chavez was beginning to wane. Citing political campaigns in Colombia, Peru and Mexico, he asked if Latin America was seeing "The End of the Autocratic Populist Boom?" With yesterday's victory of Peruvian social democrat Alan Garcia over Chavez-backed nationalist Ollanta Humala, Carlon's thesis is getting new attention.

By Jefferson Morley | June 5, 2006; 10:39 AM ET | Comments (49)


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