About That Headline

I'm sorry that some people objected to the headline on this morning's post. I disagree with the few who said it comes off as "racist."

The headline, as other readers noted, was a reference to Alfred E. Neuman, the fictional figurehead of the juvenile humor publication MAD magazine. In the United States, Neuman's signature remark, "What me, worry?" is playful shorthand for blithe disregard for what others regard as obvious. I used the phrase to call attention to the North Korea missile story because it suggested the sharp division of opinion found in the Korean online media.

For those who aren't familiar with Neuman and MAD magazine, here's the Wikipedia entry.

By Jefferson Morley |  June 20, 2006; 1:21 PM ET  | Category:  Readers' Day
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No problem for me.

Posted by: P. J. Casey | June 20, 2006 04:45 PM

You know, I read the headline and thought of Alfred E. Newman and only that. How could anyone ready that and be offended? I'll tell you how, if they themselves have a prejudiced view on how some Asians speak the English language. They read it, thought of a Korean trying to speak English poorly, felt badly about their own prejudice, and then tried to blame the author. If you were offended by the title then you have only one person to blame, yourself. The burden of your guilt should not be carried by others (including the author).

Posted by: CRB | June 20, 2006 05:36 PM

I think this is quite a comedy.

I've never read a MAD magazine. Still, I recognize the manner of speech of "What me worry?" as having nothing to do with cultural/racial stereotypes.

And it doesn't take a wide knowledge base to understand how a particular person might confuse this colloquialism as being a take-off from the movie Full Metal Jacket, whose most lasting quotes have been used to taunt certain cultures since Kubrick's film was released.

I'm sure whoever perceived an insult has realized the misunderstanding by now, and is redfaced about it.

Posted by: Erasmus Chu | June 20, 2006 05:50 PM

There are people who don't know about Alfred E. Neuman? Disgraceful! Furthermore, the title could also refer to a soundbite coming from the POTUS. And I would rather have Don Martin than Don Rumsfeld. Ok, enough of this, back to politics.

Posted by: El Tonno | June 20, 2006 06:17 PM

"What me worry?" Over a pic of Ban Ki and Noh celebrating the Kaesong Industrial project would
be priceless.

Imagine that you were born in a cage; a cage you couldnt escape from and one that had ridiculously corrupt rules overseen by a dictator. If you dare break the rules you will be tortured or even shot. Life in the cage is awful as there is no food and people all around are starving because of the mismanagement by the same dictator.
Now imagine that a Hyundai arm backed by a South Korean President approaches the dictator and says `we'll give you money for your slave labor...your slave labor that can never escape.'

The dictator says `Okay, as long as I get more than anyone else and we disguise it with nationalistic reunification lies!'
So the corporation goes in and disguises the whole sordid mess as `the first steps to unification' knowing full well that there are no plans to bring about reunification and that this does absolutely nothing to help.

Now, if you were a victim locked in that cage you'd either accept the awful job or starve. Certainly, you could risk escaping over the border to China but then Hu Jin Tao's wonderous new `Chinese virtues' and values dont apply to you because you're not Chinese- you will be gang raped and sold as a slave if caught by the noble and virtuous Chinese (who are busily preparing for their Olympic games and all that money) or worse yet, sent back to the cage so you can be shot by the dictator.

It isnt much of a choice is it?

Now, here's what Hyundai and these b-grade Korean newspapers arent telling you- The workers at the Kaesong Industrial complex work there because if they don't, they'll starve. So, they work 28 days a month at 9-10 hrs a day and they get $50 total for this. Corrupt dictator also takes a slice of their cash leaving them with $28 and if they complain they get put in an even smaller cage.

A few years ago Volkswagen was forced to pay over one billion $ U.S. to slave laborers in WW2. VW would rather pay for its crimes than risk being boycotted for its evil abuse of Jewish gulag interns. It's time for the worlds nations to put pressure on Sth Korea for Kaesongs evil. All president Noh is doing is empowering a despotic regime so that a handful of South Korean comapnies can make money from gulag interns.
If the U.N. votes Ban Ki Moon into the Secretary Generals position, then the U.N. is ushering in a decade where dictators would be rewarded and appeasement would become the norm.

Perhaps "What me worry?" should be plastered under pics of us all in that event.

Posted by: Alex J. Powell | June 21, 2006 01:57 AM

If nothing else, this is a reminder that with a global-ish Net audience, cultural assumptions can sometimes backfire. That explanatory link about Mad magazine probably should have been in the original article.

Posted by: David B | June 21, 2006 02:44 PM

MAD magazine is barely known in the UK (it is certainly no British cultural icon), but the phrase above is used here in the home of English.

Even if you didn't know about MAD I can't see how you can read it as racist.

Posted by: DavidP in the UK | June 22, 2006 04:34 AM

"Even if you didn't know about MAD I can't see how you can read it as racist."

You can read ANYTHING as racist, if you are stupid.

Posted by: Jerry Bourbon | June 25, 2006 12:41 AM

Ridiculous. People see racism in the most benign and innocent things. Meanwhile, socially acceptable racism against whites continues as strong as ever.

Posted by: Jon M. | June 28, 2006 06:58 PM

Ridiculous. People see racism in the most benign and innocent things. Meanwhile, socially acceptable racism against whites continues as strong as ever.

Posted by: Jon M. | June 28, 2006 06:59 PM


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Here are, some important stuff, just select one of them. 1) Get the Herbal plants , and, a bottle of Zemzam Holy Water, or, proper Rainy Water, either, the Natural Mineral Water, choose seven leaves of the Herbs, crush, to the very tiniest, almost as powder, into, safely clean objects, then, add inside, the using Water, with good shakes. To the next others, justly, to be kept plain, are : 2) Pure Honey. 3) Virgin Olives Oil. Secondly, intentionally, be ready, for the preparation, in an easy concentrate way, at any spare time, in suitable purified space, feasibly always, use the right hand, faces the Qiblat direction, ( do it, all at once, make some check ups, before hand). Actually, make a correct Ablution, by then, do, a particular Prayer, with the Do'a, to get this process works, (and afterwards) So start with, I seek refuge in Allah, from the accursed satan. Thirdly, read, with an audible voice, into, the open arranged bottle. The following Quranic, Chapters and Verses, . Begin, with the Surate Fatihat, carry on with, the Ayats from Surates, are : S - 2. A= 255, pass to 285 and 286, move on, to S - 7. A= 117 till 122 attached, again, S - 10. A= 79 up to, 82, and the S - 20. A= 65 at 70, finally, the full Surates = S - 109, but, for these last three, read them together thrice, refrain, the S - 112, 113, 114, (if the person, unable, to the norms, for some reasons, in that sense, is necessary, to look, for a knowledgeable Gifted Spiritual, Pious Man, with a decent Family, and Religious Life, (must be, learned the whole Quran Book recitation, perfectly), some are, available, at the Islamic Institutions, (free of charge), dutifully, by precede vocally, in presence. Beware, from the payable, laymen, mostly, are under the shayatin tricks themselves, and, the same matter, to others, fake cults). Anyway, by finishing, utter some Curable Invocations, say Bismillah, drink that substance, the amount of a full spoon, three times, (if, it was from the number one, of the Waters, though, drink normally, and, wash with the rest, by wetting the right hand, also, three times, the Head, and the Face, and other parts, overtly. On the other way, if, is it, from the two, or the three, simply, keep drinking three times each, before sleeping, and, in the waking up mornings). Anyhow, remember, it can be achieved completely, only, by a permanent, Sincere Devotion. Thereby, recite, and listen, much from the Glory Quran,( above all, the Surate Al Baqarah ). And, apparently, the needs, of the Invocations, for whatever the actions, specially, the Prophetic Extol and Invocations, , after the regular Daily Prayers, also, before and after the bed times, the same to the drinking and eating, either, by going to places, even, to the toilet, by opposing, the step in, first by the left foot, and the right one, to walk out etc..., (avoid the dirty ones). Gradually, repeat the sessions, in a while of time, by, trying different choice. As a beneficial Remedy, to the evil ailments, are : the envy, the sorcery, and the possession. The Real Heal Effect, obviously, can realize, just, by the unique Willing, of the Powerful Supreme ALLAH. Easily, can change the occurrences to happen. Naturally, all depends, on the Believer's Conduct, and the appointed Causes. . The Simple Curable Remedy.
The Recitation of the Glory Quran. Reading and listening, at any time Day and Night, though, the favorable moment, at Dawn, just after Salat Sobh, till Sunrise, and after Salat Maghrib meanwhile, by waiting for the Salat Ishah, basically, a treatment for the evil ailments, psychological traumas, and physical sickness, in general. The Blood Cupping. Carefully, to be done, at any part of the body, conveniently, with an assistant, and the items, the special cups, new razor blades, paper tissues, and the important Instruction Booklet, almost, in the same starting, Ritual preparations, ( from the secondly phase only ), of the Incantation Healing, in specifics : Dates, ( Lunar Calendar ) Days, and Times, and others requirement. The Substance Cocktails. /. A bottle of Pure Honey, and 50 grs of the Black Seeds (mashed), add to it, and stir it well, before use, or, ( possible, to pour, the usual measures, into a glass, of fresh Natural Milk ). /. Half litre of Virgin Olives Oil - approximately, 75 ml of Black Seeds Oil - 50 ml of Onion Oil 25 ml of Garlic Oil, (or less), mixes together, (to be taken, at the same time, and the drinkable quantity, of the Incantation Affliction. The Ibtilah Factors, as a Redemption, affect, some of the Muslim Believers, theorically, for some reasons, 1) A warning to the person, to get correctly, to the Right Path, . 2) A patience test, also, an exemplar to others, . 3) A purification of the past sins, . Notably, but, for the disbelievers, freely, are out of stage, to the next Eternal Heaven, optionally, by living the life, up to it, sadly. Revelation. As it says in Surate 2 . A= 212 : The life of this world is alluring, to these who reject the Faith (unbelievers). And the scoff at these who Believe, but the Righteous will be above them on the Day of Resurrection. Also, Surate 2 . A= 155 : And certainly, we shall test you with something, of fear, hunger, lose of wealth, lives, and fruits, but give glad hidings, to the Patients. Either, the well know Hadith says : The life of this world is like a prison to the Muslim Believers, but, a paradise to the disbelievers. Also, other hadith says : The hardest ibtilah, affects the Prophets, after them, the Awliah ( Saints ), then, and then, then others. The Almighty Allah, (s.a.w) made the Predestined to the Muslim Persons, divided in four Categories:

Salam'Alaykum. I'am an Algerian Muslim Brother, actually, in Malaysia, I'am writing this Note concerning the Religion. The Government should impose a severe Law, with a penal Code applied, against the weird gays, by hanging around the Mosques, they are not accepted, amongst the Believers, because, they are committing a very big kufr (infidelity), by opposing, to the Divine Rites, and conjugally, of the Nature Being. As it says, in some Verses, and Hadiths. In fact, the Islam, does not even allow, a Heterosexual Man, in Female appearances, and the vice-versa, therein, the straight fornication between a man and woman, is a big haram, on the other way, the unnatural sexual implication, between male and female, it's more than, doubled, bigger sinful acts, imagine how the homosexuality obscenities, can be regarded, completely, intolerable Taboo, in a proper Judicial Shari'ah, the guilty ones, faces execution, this perversion, it does not even, unmistakably exist in Animals, except the rats. Genetically, It's a Human afflicted context problems (jinn-inns), cursed by satanic dominations, for not keeping up, to the Guidelines, of the Creator Allah, and the Sunnat. Instead, by keeping away from, the disagreeable gay acts, and patiently, take it, as, the others disabled people lives, if, are unable, to adjust curably, them selves. The anger of the wrath chastisements, fallen over them, for their sordid kufr, to sweep them away out of this World, for not to grows up in population vastly, it dates further back. Once a whole inhabitant Town lifted up by the Archangel, on the will power, of Almighty God, to the higher Sky limit, than, smashed deep to the under Earth of their disgraced sakes, again, the rainy heavy stones fallen upon them, at the time of the Prophet Lott (pbh), the Nazi holocaust, the Aids disease, and more to comes. Even the Prophet Aisat (pbh), witnessed two persons of the same gender, burning alive in agonies, He inspired in prayers, asked the Creator Allah, for their wrongly deeds, the answer is, they've committed a dirty gays act, as the Prophet Sulemaine (pbh), asked satan (iblis), which is, the most horrendous kufr, likes to do, on the humans, will anger the Supreme Creator, the reply is, unnaturally, a man to man, and woman to woman sexually, though, the demons, using the gays stupidly, for the sociological disarrays, as, the calamities to the Religion, exactly, what they did, to the others deviated, to fiction cults, (and, what they are trying, to do, to the Islam, but, they will, never ever succeed, simply, it's a protected Divinity, foolishly, just the satans, leading them, more astray), also, for their sharing lusts with, in this life. And, thereafter, the awaiting, severe Grave Punishments, following, they drives, them, along together, to the lowest filthiest leveled Hell, for ever. Obviously, the ignorance hypocrisy, of the West's selfishness civilization, the unwanted sort of freedom, with no principles, of Morality, negatively, the anglo-saxon cultures, and the judio- christianism, by pretending, they respect and loves, Nature, but destructively, the encouraging, the homos crimes against it, and, on the other way, by degrading the family values, apparently, thus countries, by promoting to others, the gays sickness acts, by the demons, usually, the traps falls, more, clearly, in their societies, as the satans, always works, in u-turn, anyway, altogether been mentioned, in the Sacred Quran, Surate Nissah Verses 120, Surate Mariem, Verses 83 and 84, also, Surate Al Israh Verses 63 - 64 - 65. By the way, three, different persons, are not permitted to enter the Prayer Halls, a child under the age of seven, unsupervised, the mentally insane, and the virtually unpurified person, the immoral gays, are not only, out of that, particular cleanness state, are, in far worst, than the shirk. On the other way, some young Muslim Ladies, they gets into, the Masjid Prayer Halls, in unsuitable dress, the outset tight trousers, also, the forbidden smokes, inside the Mosques yards, honestly, is not a good examples of an Authentic Religion, drastically, the careless influences of change. Basically, the Islam is only one, and for Life, the Deity's Tawhid, the Guiding Book, and the Teaching Sunnat. Effectively, cannot be, compared, to the rest, of others, untrue cults, or, mixed up, with other innovation tittles, or the contradictions of the Scholars, either the sectarism, badly, it turns to heresy, (bid'ah). Logically, it's a duty, for every Muslim, to stand up for the Announcement.




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This is an Announcement, especially, to you and your regular readers, to know about the Truth. and Thank-You

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