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As Diplomacy Falters, Military Struggle Deepens

With the failure of an international conference in Rome to agree on a plan to end the war between Israel and the Shiite militia Hezbollah, leaders of the two fighting forces have redoubled their commitment to war. Two weeks into...

By Jefferson Morley | July 27, 2006; 10:21 AM ET | Comments (309)

How to Watch the War on the Web

You too can be a wartime news editor. With the ubiquity of streaming video on the Internet and advances in search engines, RSS and self-publishing tools, anyone can bypass the editorial hierarchies of Western news organizations and assemble a personal...

By Editors | July 26, 2006; 7:38 AM ET | Comments (37)

Iran -- Instigator or Bystander?

Tehran is more than 900 miles from the scene of the fight, but the Iranian government stands at the heart of the Hezbollah-Israeli war, according to some international online commentators. Whether Iran is instigator or target of the war now entering its third week is much disputed. The Israeli and American view that Iran is mainly responsible for Hezbollah's attacks runs counter to the common view in the Iranian and Arab news sites that the Islamic Republic supports but does not control the Shiite militia of Lebanon.

By Jefferson Morley | July 25, 2006; 9:05 AM ET | Comments (140)


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