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Taking a Break

I am going on vacation. The World Opinion Roundup will resume Aug. 29....

By | August 3, 2006; 4:59 PM ET | Comments (60)

The Qana Conspiracy Theory

As Hezbollah wins support throughout the Middle East in the aftermath of the Israeli airstrike that killed at least 57 Lebanese civilians over the weekend, an alternative view of the attack is emerging in blogs -- that the incident was...

By Jefferson Morley | August 2, 2006; 10:30 AM ET | Comments (432)

The Qana Tipping Point

The Israeli air strike on the Lebanese village of Qana early Sunday morning did more than kill 57 civilians. According to a wide range of commentary in the international media, it inflamed already boiling public opinion in the Arab world...

By Jefferson Morley | August 1, 2006; 6:51 AM ET | Comments (175)


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