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Is Iraq's Civilian Death Toll 'Horrible' -- Or Worse?

A report published last week in the British medical journal Lancet which found that more than 600,000 civilians have been killed in Iraq elicited a prompt dismissal from President Bush. "I don't consider it a credible report," he said. "Neither...

By Jefferson Morley | October 19, 2006; 9:00 AM ET | Comments (73)

Britain Cries Murder Over Journalist's Death

If the "special relationship" between the United States and Britain has been strained by the fallout over Iraq, it seems to have become especially troubled as of late. A beleaguered Tony Blair, President Bush's strongest ally in the world, is...

By Jefferson Morley | October 18, 2006; 11:32 AM ET | Comments (25)

What Kim Jong Il Wants

"What does North Korea's leader Kim Jong Il want?" Answers to that question, posed by Germany's Spiegel Online after last week's confirmed nuclear test, abound in the international online media. The reclusive leader is said to be using his nuclear...

By Jefferson Morley | October 17, 2006; 9:00 AM ET | Comments (15)


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